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Other than that, if you don't mind my rants, then read on.

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Results and Some Stupid Shizz...

Well all my tests (blood and ultrasounds) came back negative, fortunately. The only thing she could really think that was the problem was maybe gas, so I got stuff for that. And she said the other pains might be caused by stress, so she gave me anti-depressants.

And I found out that my boyfriend had a girlfriend. And it wasn't me. Good thing I got those anti-depressants, then =/ I've never been cheated on before... And I'd never thought it would happen. I'm not 100% certain it's the truth, but my mother and my brother who went to a party he was at told me the party was for his girlfriend and he was over there all the time. It's so stupid. I never thought he'd do it. Well, no, the thought's crossed my mind several times. And he was always kinda suspicious... Like he wouldn't be able to make it to things and it seemed like I always had to go to his place and all he'd want to do is get frisky just about. I mean, he'd recently started talking about how I was marriage material, but it was also in the same call he said we should start over fresh as friends and spend more time together. When I called him out on it, all he really said was "I'm going to talk to you when you're calmer." This is so stupid. Who even deserves this kind of thing. I hope someone tells this girl he's been with so she can decide whether or not to beat the crap out of him.

I just feel like the biggest idiot in the world. And what if I were to find out someone was spreading a lie and he was telling me the truth the whole time? But his behavior over our entire relationship has been weird and a lot of moments would make sense if he'd had another girl. It's just... I don't even... I don't know what to do... The only thing I can do is work on the show and stuff... But for now, I have to go do dishes...

Appointments... Apointments Galore.

I've got that ultrasound in about an hour to check for gallstones. This morning I got woken by a terrible pain on my left side right below where I think my heart is. I couldn't breathe more than a shallow breath and when I moved I felt pain on my back in the same area. I was scared and started praying the pain would stop. Finally, I called someone and my mom came and helped me stand so I could get to the bathroom. The pain subsided after that, but it was scary. Since I also have a follow-up appointment with my doctor in the afternoon, I can tell her about that.

On the plus side, these arthritis gloves are working great to reduce my hand pain. =) So I'm going to try to get some work done on editing the Happy Wheels episode so I can upload it soon. Keep an eye out for it =3 (And perhaps record another if there's time.

If you haven't liked the facebook page, yet, what are you waiting for? XD

I Have Returned~! =D

With nothing to show for it~! =v= ... Nah, I mostly helped my aunt unpack the first day and the second I was a bit sleepy cuz I was up late the previous night. I did get a little work done on this MLP mug design, but it's not quite finished, yet. I recorded a surprise Happy Wheels episode, but I never got to add any reaction shots. Fortunately, it's only 9 minutes.

Tomorrow is my ultrasound to check for gallstones and follow-up appointment with my doctor to decide what to do. As for my hand pain, I ordered a brace and special gloves to reduce swelling and pain. They came while I was away, so I'm about to try them on. Hopefully, they help.

Gotta go do dishes and get dinner before 9, since I have to fast 12 hours before the ultrasound. Toodle-loo X3

Demonitized Part 3 =/

I'm not sure why, but they singled out my video to not allow monetization. It's got pretty much the same stuff as the other ones. I disable monetization, though, because even though all the artwork is mine, I have permission to use the music, and everybody and their GRANDMOTHER is playing Ib, I don't have physical proof of anything other than my own artwork files =/ It's far too early to be dealing with those sorts of things. One video without ads won't hurt much.

Although I do wonder who's been thumbing down my vids. I understand not everyone will agree with everything, but I always wonder "why." It'd be nice to know so I can improve if it's something on my end or if people simply troll be troll.

Okay, well, I have to drink 40 oz of water today before I go get an ultrasound to check if I have gall stones. Then I have to get blood testing done, and after I get back, my aunt is kidnapping me to spend two days with her at her new place to help unpack stuff. Plus, I guess she wants to take me to some places to have fun. Which isn't bad, but I originally thought I was only staying for one night and my mom is making plans behind my back =( I hate that and she doesn't get how disrespectful it is to make plans and not consult me ahead of time. *shakes head*

I'll have my laptop to work on some stuff, but I won't have internet access as far as I know (they did just move, I don't think they'd have internet, yet...), so replies, posts, and recording will have to wait a few days =I Being offline makes me uneasy... it's hard to not be able to look stuff up whenever I want. I've become a bit dependent on the internet XD; Ah well, at least I have music to listen to and games to play =w= Plus, I'll be taking some art supplies so I can draw if I get the urge. I might work on traditional pencil drawings after seeing this... Amazing detail.

Okay, I think I've ranted enough. gonna just chill for a bit before I have to drink my next glass. Laterz guys XD

Part 3 of MKPIB is up =D

You heard the title XD Also, MKPlay now has a facebook page =D Go like the page to keep up on the latest updates and such =3 https://www.facebook.com/mkplayshow

Had some issues with exporting quality again, but I figured out what went wrong X3; So now it's where it should be =3 EDIT: Fixed quality issues and reuploaded file. Should be alright now.