Hello there. =^^= Kitty here. Welcome to my site. Feel free to look around. Please read my rants and comment if you have the time. Also, keep an eye out for any manga or fanart updates. If you'd like to chat, feel free to pm me. I'd be happy to talk. Enjoy. =^^=

Other than that, if you don't mind my rants, then read on.

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Keep an eye out here for any update on the Mystery Mini-Project I'm working on. If you figure out what it is I'm going to be doing, you're welcome to speculation, I won't confirm or deny any theories until the right time =3 Thanks for your support~! =D

Other places you might see artwork from me:

DeviantArt: MangaKeri
Tumblr: mangakeri13

Testing this feature here. Since theO doesn't seem to support the default embed I was given, I've finagled it a little so it will show here. This image will take you to a button that takes you to the page XD

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Elemental - Possible Raffle

So I've gotten 14 shiny new canvases~ So here's what I'm thinking. As a raffle for those who purchase the game when it's out (and add maybe a minimum $5 donation, because, hey, it'd be a good idea to at least break even on the supplies =P) You'll be entered in a raffle to win one of 14 original 11x14 Canvas paintings of each of the 14 characters.

Here's the tangle, though... I'm wondering if the best way to execute it is to have a raffle per painting so people can enter which raffle they want (limit one painting per entrant, so choose wisely) or to have a big raffle and choose 14 people and it's first come, first serve whomever picks which one they want.

I'm thinking the former would be the best way for people to get what they want. Although this goes against one thing I loathe to do, which is give away my original artwork, but for an additional donation of $5, it's kinda a steal to get... The game's not gonna be that much anyway and most people blow about $10 on a meal at any given chance. Why not have something that lasts longer? X3

Do you guys have any thoughts/suggestions on how you'd like this to go? Any and all feedback is very much appreciated. =)

Elemental-First Background WIP

So I'm using reference images to make my backgrounds and this one had an abstract painting on the wall. But I wanted to have some originality to it, so I did a painting on it myself X3 All done on one layer. Kept tweaking and adding stuff.

Will likely finish this one tomorrow. Been using Inkscape to see if it's a good alternative to Illustrator. After changing the keyboard configuration and such, it seems pretty decent. The only downside is, I'm going to export it into other programs, but then I lose the option to alter the lines in programs like CLIP Studio. If there's a workaround, that'd be great, but for the time being, I just have to make sure my lines are EXACTLY as I want them. OR I could just trace over the image directly in CSP =>3>= The lines just looked so much cleaner in inkscape. I'll try that on the next one, tho.

Mini-Project Promo!!!

It's finally here, guys~! *tears of joy* One program switch, a few debugging sessions, and two computer crashes later and it's here~ XD

Now I can stop being as secretive about it~ =w= *hulu dances* From now on I cna call it by name~ ELEMENTAL~ SEVEN~ MINUTES~ IN~ HEAVEEEEEEN~ WHOOO! *raises fists in the air and falls down*

Now I can rest for the night. Gosh this has been stressful so far. More info to come in the future =w=-b

Starting the Promo

I finished doing whatever it was I was doing before and now moving onto putting together the promo. Gonna be using a freemium software to do the video editing, so I might have to take a moment to figure out how different it is from what I'm used to. But if things go well, I'll finish it tomorrow =3

I'll update soon!

Progress is slow...

Hitting that wall and slogging through molasses. I'll be honest, I'm drawing different facial expression for every character, but it's taking longer than expected... I also keep losing focus and have to take many breaks. At best, I seem to be getting all facial expressions done for one character a day. With today's, I'm through 10 of the characters... But the month's been going by too fast. I probably would've been done with this part by now if I hadn't decided to rest after getting into that accident... I should've just pushed through but, nope, I decided the medicine was making me too groggy.

*sigh heavily* Well, whatever, enough being mopey. I suppose slow progress is still progress. And it's not like there's a strict deadline for finishing this, just a self-imposed deadline (which I've already pushed back once and may have to push back again...) If I'm working this hard on something that's going to be available for free... what am I gonna do when I make another one for money...? It'll probably take longer... Maybe I should just set up a Patreon after this is done... Surely it'll at least get me some more exposure... *sighs more heavily*

I'm almost 30 years old... Why am I even here, man...?