Hello there. =^^= Kitty here. Welcome to my site. Feel free to look around. Please read my rants and comment if you have the time. Also, keep an eye out for any manga or fanart updates. If you'd like to chat, feel free to pm me. I'd be happy to talk. I'm also open to requests and art trades. Enjoy. =^^=

Other than that, if you don't mind my rants, then read on.

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Omg, Guys, Seriously XD

You should watch part 2 of MKPlay Ib with Automatic captions on XD It's so funny X3 (Funnier than the original *sobs*)

Also, ANECDOTE FIGHT! *throw anecdotes at you all*

Part 2 is Here~!~! =D

It's finally available X3 There were a lot of setbacks and definitely some export issue (that never actually existed, I'm just a derp), but it's finally up! =v=

I wanted to record segment 3 today, but y'know, setbacks... =I It'll probably be tomorrow if I'm not going too many places =_= At any rate, enjoy =3

About Halfway Through Editing Part 2...

... Of MKPlay--Ib. Switched video editors because VideoPad wasn't quite working the way I wanted it to. Premere Pro is soo much better XD *is hit* Takin a break in the meantime, but if not tonight, it'll be up tomorrow, I think. I'm a day behind because I didn't do any editing on Saturday and I had to take time to learn some keyboard shortcuts and such. But in general, this is going to make editing twice as fast =w= Just wish I coulda stayed on schedule or ahead =v=;

But look forward to the next part soon =3


The first ever episode of MKPlay is finally here! If you don't watch anything else, at least watch the first 26 seconds XD

Omg, I'm so happy =QwQ= <3 Go comment on YouTube, dawgs x3

It's Almost Here~! =DDD

The Promo!

I'm excited~ Are you? =DD Spread the word, peeps~ X3