Finally Finished~

I finally finished the RPG badge sketches~ With that, I can rest for tonight. Tomorrow, I wrap Christmas presents. then do some brainstorming, organizing, and designing for my next project (once that's finished, another quick one).

I'm feeling a bit lonesome again. Like... I'm in a complicated situation. Romantically speaking, that is. And I don't know if it's better to stop or move forward. At this point, it kinda hurts. But I'm going to see what happens next. It's not really as bad as I'm making it sound, but it's embarrassing to talk about. But my heart is in one of those modes where it just wants romance and passion and all that stuff. And I get reminded of all the guys I liked that went away or rejected me or broke my heart or whatever. =/ *siiiiigh* I can only hope I'll have a wonderful dream tonight to help me start the morning off right.

I'm gonna reward myself for finishing the sketches by playing a little Adventures to Go, then off to bed. You can see all the sketches on my tumblr. Ja ne, minna-san.