Calendar Sketch Sneak Peek~

Since Toyo-chan was oh so curious about the nature of the calendar, I decided I would show one month sketch from the calendar I'm working on~ She picked October~ Which is actually my favorite one cuz it turned out pretty well~ I altered the contrast and such so you could see it better =3

But that's all until it's finished~ Unfortunately, I'm falling behind and might not finish before the year's over. I somehow got some stomach issue yesterday starting when I was over at my grandma's house. I'm not sure what caused it, but it might be the Excederin I took for my headache (yeah, they don't sell them in stores any more, but that's what my mom had in her purse because she prefers excederin to other brands... =/ I prefer Advil or Aleve. Even Bayer is pretty good.)

At any rate, I was just watching The Secret World of Arietty to help relax while my stomach settles. I liked it, but I feel it was also missing something... But that's what fancomics are for XD

Now I'm going to do what I can on this calendar and try to not worry to much so I don't upset my stomach. Ja na, minna~

(Man, this stuff is so slow-going XD;;)