I'm a Little in Love...

... with Jay Park's voice X3 I've been listening to more Korean Pop lately. It's all that Anon's fault on tumblr for introducing me to EXO-K's KAI... FRIGGIN KAI!

RIGHT?! At first I was like... Okay, he's goo-d looking, but he's not worth fangirling over... ... *watches again* O-ok... maybe he's a little... *watches more times* =O///O= *nosebleeding all over the place*

So I created a Station on my Pandora centered around EXO-K. The only downside is Pandora only has 4 of their songs and they must have more, right? Like, I think so at least... yeah... However, as far as Jay Park goes...

And this one... I wait for it to come up and Pandora and when it does...

*melts a little or a lot* XD

Just wanted to create a few converts =eue= Also, Girls Generation and Brown Eyed Girls have some good songs, too =3

And for some really strange reason, I also like Shinee's "Shout Out." ... I think it's the yelps in the background... At first I was like... "Is... Is that yelping...? =o_o;=" then I was all "I-is th-that a moan after the first four yelps...? =O//A//O;=" and now I'm all *explodes every time there's a yelp or moan* XD;

What can I say... Korean men have some smexy voices... XD Okay, enough stalling, back to work on the calendar XD Ja ne~