So... Patreon...

So I technically have a Patreon now. I haven't put too much up there since I only launched it to connect to my webtoon account as a way to bring in extra funds in case anyone liked the comic enough to support me. Y'know, once it's got more chapters/episodes. I'm still working on ep 2, I've got about 8 more pages to sketch out, which I'm hoping I can finish before I sleep. I'll probably be up late.

I sorta made some tiers, but I'm not 100% confident that the rewards match the price levels. Or those are the types of things people want to see at those prices. I just thought about leaving it at one tier with $1 and up get access to everything and then I could add more advanced tiers as I go. I wanted to put up a poll, but my core membership on deviantArt expired, so that's out. And I don't have enough of a following to get a good polling at this point, so I figured I'd just launch and work out the kinks later... Probably a mistake, though... I'll find out later, I guess =>_>;=

Here's my Patreon in case you want to follow for now. If you contribute, that would be lovely and appreciated more than you know =)