Mild Pain

It's been quite a while since I last posted, but stuff's happened: got a job cleaning offices, my parents were here for the summer, and just I didn't feel like I had anything to post. But today I do: I'm experiencing some discomfort after having four teeth on the left side of my mouth pulled this morning at the dentist. Never had teeth actually pulled, but these were all broken for years so I felt that I should impart some of my now quite steady income to fixing my mouth. And despite the misery I still feel when I swallow (though it's milder now that I've taken some ibuprofen), I forced myself to go to work for several hours. My supervisor probably thinks I'm crazy, but I feel like she's been doubting my work ethic so this should prove that I can work hard and get stuff done. Two of the teeth pulled were wisdom teeth, so it must be good that they're out and they came out in one piece; well, they'd been broken already for years because my dental hygiene has clearly not always been what it should. There are still a couple teeth on the right side of my mouth to be pulled, but I will put that off for a month or maybe two; they don't bother me like the others did when I eat sweets. And I need to recoup my losses: $200 for the teeth and some prescription antibiotics and Vicodin (now I can find out what House was all about) and then $55 for my car's quarterly oil change. Yeah, got that done too since I got off work early.
I'm glad Labor Day is coming up; I won't have to work and I have some MST3K DVDs I borrowed from the library that I need to watch. I could watch them after work, but my scheduling is taken up by stuff on TV like Duck Dynasty (I love that show!) and Face Off and some other odds and ends. I watch about half of what's on Adult Swim's Toonami block now and I don't much care for the stupid Bleach filler. If the story's done, it's done; leave it be. I'm not overly wowed by Sword Art Online, but then Slayers has likely spoiled me for all other sword-fantasy stuff. And isn't SAO just kinda like dotHack? Never watched that much either, but it strikes me as such. Though now that Viz and Funimation have rescued a lot of the Bandai titles, maybe Toonami could rerun some of them? I mean, I own all of Scryed, but put something like that back on; it's like X-Men (only I think it has some better points) and people like X-Men, or Wolverine at least. Closing joke: when you watch that recent 'Wolverine' trailer and some guy asks Wolverine who he is, did anyone else think he should've bust out with "24601!" Hugh Jackman missed a golden opportunity.

End of the production

So last Saturday was the final performance of my church's Savior of the World production of which I'd managed the stage crew and props. I don't miss all the driving I had to do in light of my limited funds and high gas prices, but I am missing all the fun that went with it. I had some good kids on my stage crew and our cast was great. During the final performance, a lot of the women would be crying backstage and there was much careful eye-wiping so as not to ruin their make-ups before they went on to sing their song in the second act. The stage crew never got to take a bow onstage, but I was constantly being told by everyone how great we were doing and how it would be impossible without us. And specifically me. I'm not bragging; I was out sick two days in the final week of rehearsals and when I finally came back, the director begged me to never miss again. Which I didn't. I'm really looking forward to the cast party this Friday to hang out with everyone again. And one of my stage crew girls was thrilled with the comic I drew for her of Ouran's Hunny-sempai beating the crap out of Naruto for messing with his bunny. Truly, anime fans are everywhere.
Also everywhere was the spirit we all felt every performance. I was always backstage so I never got to really see what was going on before the audience, but I could hear it and I think every performance we really put our testimonies into what was being said and sung onstage.

Sick? NOW?!

The title comes from the fact that on Saturday night, I started getting a sore throat and my church's Savior of the World production opens this Saturday. I'm in charge of props, dang it; I can't be sick! So I'm popping cough drops like crazy and taking medicine; I will beat this thing by Friday. I've come too far and put too much into this production; I will not miss a performance. I did promise the producer that I would stay home from Tech Week this week; I stayed home from church yesterday. Which gave me the chance to watch some anime series I'd borrowed from the library, Kurogane Communications and Petit Princess Yucie. Both are late 80s/early 90s style and Yucie is very shojo-y; they're good to watch if you've got the time and just want to check out some random fluff. And I've done a couple new fan art pieces that on Friday I'll scan onto my flash drive so I can post them. And they are actual fan art in that they come from actual series, not original characters.

Greatest Love Duet

There are many great love songs, but this one is one of the most epic. Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Alligator!

At least three days a week lately are focused on my work with my church's Savior of the World production, performances beginning in a month. Fortunately, I have most of the props by now; I'm in charge of props. Just need the stage builders to make a couple other things. Today at rehearsal, I didn't actually focus on the stage; I was in the back of the cultural hall with one of the cast member's young daughter. I had some crayons and paper in my backpack (as I tend to do) so I drew some stuff and she colored. We did a Snow White first, then a seal eating banana bread (she said she likes banana bread and she liked the stuffed seal I had with me), and then an alligator playing basketball. Not just any alligator: a happy alligator. I love how kids think sometimes!
Sigh, no more Fairy Tale on On Demand. I'm watching the 'King of the Nerds' reality competition on TBS, but it's disheartening at how trollish these people are being to each other in real life. I know it's a competition, but can't you guys be nicer to each other. If we nerds fight amongst ourselves, how can we marshall our forces against our detractors?! I'm also watching FaceOff on SyFy, which is the awesome competition series for special effects makeup. And I've been pruning my reference pictures I've gotten from various magazines and art books. I used to have four binders of quotes and lyrics, clothes, figure poses, and other images; now I'm down to two binders and a notebook.
I have started to re-watch some of my personal anime collection; watched Scryed this week. I haven't watched the series in a year or so and re-watching it does remind me why I love it. Mostly because of Cougar. Lots of people have lots of issues with the characters in Scryed, but I love Cougar because he really does seem surprisingly normal. For one thing, he's nuts about reading; you have to love a guy that'll exercise his mind as much as his body. He's a crazy, hyperactive guy that did everything he could to impress the girl he loves and make her happy, but couldn't quite get her away from the emo twit she's been in love with since childhood. And then the ending; aw, man.