*For Anyone That Visits This Site Please Read This*

Welcome to our Vizards Base

Kensei here to say that if your interested in joining the Bleach RP world as a Vizard there are some spots available. So far I'm the only one here. PM me if you wish to join. I will add more stuff when more of us get here.

Kensei Muguruma
Shinji Hirako
Rōjūrō Ōtoribashi
Love Aikawa
Hiyori Sarugaki
Lisa Yadōmaru
Mashiro Kuna
Hachigen Ushōda

Soul Society
Urahara's Shop
Las Noches
Karakura Town


I was out around town the other day and I came upon some hollows. It didn't take me but two seconds to blow them apart. I looked around for a soul reaper but there wasn't any. "I wonder whats up in Soul Society." I said to myself. It was strange for them not to send a soul reaper to take care of hollows like this.

Base cat

I was sitting around the base, being bored as usual when I notice a cat. I looked at it nd it just stared back at me. I got up and walked over and picked up. I went and found the others. "Who's cat is this?" I asked. Hiyori flew over and knocked me to the ground. "It's mine do you have a problem with it?" she said. I stood up, "Yeah I do. Don't let it run all over the place!?!" I turned around and went back to my couch and sat down again. The freaking cat followed me again.


To all current Vizards here, I need you to make a world and post on it once a week, or pm me and I'll add you to this world. It doesn't matter when you post as long as you do it once a week.



Alright Listen up Bleach RPers!

At the meeting we decided to hold a vote over the direction in which the story should proceed. You have all been sent the outline for the proposed new direction in the storyline, so I present you with two choices:


-We will interact through various other means-

-This, you will be made aware of once we have counted the votes-


-we will go off the fleshed out version of this outline-

-It was sent to you in a PM. Read it.-

You have until MONDAY to send Ichigo your vote. M-O-N-D-A-Y

If you don't vote, then you get to go along for the ride. Up to you.


Look I've asked a billion times already but I need more people to take some of the open spots for the Vizards rp. Contact me asap and I'll get you started.

On a second note, I finally got on the proboards. Just updating everyone.