Welcome Keyblade Wielders` to the Kingdom Keyblade Library!

Kingdom Keyblade Library - A world unaccessable by time and Gummiships (a little humor there). The library with the keyblader secrets. All you have to do is unlock the Keyhole!~

"A book is a mountain of knowledge."
~Archimedes, Merlin's owl from The Sword in the Stone

This is the place to do research and learn more about the keybladers; new apprentices, masters and former keyblade wielders. This will help you understand what it really means to be a keyblader and maybe to become a keyblade master! Let's start training~

This fan world contains both canon (real) facts and fanon (fan) facts.

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There is a Trivia you can read for fun, it has some Quotes from the English, Japanese and French versions the game series. You can meet the Other Keyblade Weilders and Other Organization XIII Members list. These are the Basics or concept Rules of this world.

To join the Organization XIII part of the Library world go here: Enter the Organization XIII

FanFiction; Always check back to see if there are any new updates, changes or additions to this epic story line.

Those who have become Masters of the Keyblade are allowed to post anywhere in this world and can train the apprentices by helping them earn their way to becoming Keyblade Masters (a.k.a. Masters of the Keyblade).
A special reward will be made for all apprentices and masters; a wayfinder charm (e.g. - it is a keychain or a goodluck charm or a promise charm that is to help you remember your bond with your friends and to help the friendship's bond to grow stronger. Also it creates a D-Link depending on the charm type).

This is the place of research and learn more about the Organization XIII members; new members, leaders and former selves. This will help you understand what it means to be an Unknown and maybe to become a Leader of the Organization! Let's start training~

Those who have become Leaders of the Organization XIII are allowed to post anywhere in this world and can train the Organization XIII apprentices by helping them earn their way to becoming a Organization XIII Lead Member to train other Members. A special reward will be made for all apprentices and Leaders; a nobody charm (e.g. - it looks like Roxas's symbol with a checkered chain of any color.)


What is this Keybalde?
What is the Mark of Mastery?
What is a Keyblade Inheritance Ceremony?

What is Deep Dive/Another Side, Another Story? -Warning Ending Spoiler-
What is The World That Never Was?
What is Organization XIII?


Basics - This page consist of the basic flexable rules (or steps), but it's mainly an idea, concept, and some Qs and As that's part of the Library. Table of contents Step 1: Keyblader (Getting Started)...

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Recruiting Organization XIII Members

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Worlds and Characters

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Facts, Trivia and Quotes

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Keyblader Wielders

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