Secret Training Ground: Castle Oblivion

Secret Training Ground in Castle Oblivion

This is the Secret Training Field for Organization Members and training Keyblader apprentices in preparation for the Exams. Feel like you need to get stronger or agiler in your battle skills then this is the place for you to practice hard. For Organization Members if you want more training go to the Secret Training Ground: Dark City and Keybladers (also Org.XIII members with keys can use this link, too) if you want more training go to the Training Ground. These training grounds are for apprentices only. No, Master or Leader is required. Unless there are no apprentices to practice with then that's a different story. Masters and Leaders can aid in a battle if needed. Begin training with members or a Master/Leader, if needed. Focus on your skills, attacks, agility, and ability by first summoning your weapon to your hand.

Exercise Session
Summon your Attack Cards
Summon your Magic Cards
Summon your Friend Cards
Focus your Combos
Focus your Techniques

Intresting Topics:
Castle Oblivions true name was?
Hallow Bastions true name was?
There are three Realms called: Light, Between and Dark
The Dark Margin (or "Realm of Darkness"; "Dark Meridian") is where the Sora and Riku were before they opened the door to light.

When you feel ready, head over to the Exams, but be sure your leader approves of this before you move on and have at least enough battle practice (est. 3~4 comments) before moving forward with the Exam.