Secret Truths and Hidden Lies

Intermission Begins: Back Stage

Note: Warning Spoilers to Legacy of the Keyblade.

About 12~13 years ago, there was a world that has Paopu Fruits and Thalassa Shells. The world was called, Destiny Islands. Before Terra and Aqua came to the islands or during that time, there was another part of the islands that disappeared into a boundry that was hidden from the darkness, locked away from the outside worlds. This part of the islands was called, Destiny Kingdom. There was three parts of the islands that were broken down into different names. 1) The Paopu Fruit Island, where the children went to get away from their parents and have adventures of their own. 2) Destiny Island's Residantal Area, the place that everyone lives and the go to school. 3) Destiny Kingdom, the home of the nobles and residences. Adale lives on the Destiny Kingdom part of the isles, but she always headed out to the Paopu Island to meet up with Sora and Riku her two best friends in the world. When Kairi came to the islands, she unmeaningly stole Sora and Riku's attension from Adale. Adale had no hard feelings towards this, but she felt lonely and one day the castle along with her just disappeared.

Secret Experiments

Meanwhile, in another world Xehanort and the villains were doing experiments behind Ansem's back. These experiments involved a Prince from a unknown world origin and a Princess of light, he had later collected up from another world; origin known. He use them both in this experiment light mixed with that of darkness. He created a heartless that turned into a nobody, but at the time it was known as an unknown. This was birth to unknowns and a young developement of nobodies. Xehanort had the Prince and Princess desposed of, by the villains. He kept the unknowns in the Castle of Oblivion's confindment rooms for safe keeping until it was time to wake them up.

Even Deeper Truths

Adale like Sora and Riku both equally, but she had growing feelings for Riku more so than Sora. She was the same age as Riku. She had visited the Secret Place with Riku, but never with Sora. Adale and Riku never drew pictures on wall in there together. Instead, they went to another secert place on the outskirts of the kingdom's island (district) and drew pictures there together. Even one with the other drawing their picture on the wall in rememberance of the other.

Intermission Coming to an End

The Prince's twin sister, the Princess, went missing for about a week or so, but when they found her, a boy from another world was with her. They were both sleeping on the ground. The King granted the boy a guardian to take him in and raise him as his own. After a few years, when the princess was about 6~8 years old she gained the ability to wield a keyblade. Then after that many others became keyblade wielders, too. Averenth created the Kept Secret Organization of Keybladers Group. The boy found that day the villagers found the princess he too recieved a keyblade. Some people told Adale that he came with someone, like a King and that he was left in her father's care. But this was untrue. It's was to keep her from the truth.

Who Took the Boy In?

Averenth was granted the responsiblity to raise the boy from the outside world. Who is this boy? He is Aden. Averenth came from another world, too. When he came to that world, he was injured in battle. He claims it was called the "Keyblade Wars". Either way the King had him brought back to normal, stable health and had him become Adale's keyblade teacher.