Org. XIII entry: Alaxastar

I have had this Nobody for a long time and he really needs to train and this would be the perfect place:

Name: Alaxastar
Battle Style: Battle Style(Best, so uses last) Panel System(Worst, so uses first)...Card System(Uses after Panel system)...Command Deck System(Uses after Card System)
Appearance: Org. XIII original cloak...Long, unruly hair(Black with crimson streaks, white streaks optional(Kinda like Shadow the Hedgehog)...Silver Necklace...One fingerless glove with two rings on it...Gloves(Right: White with red streaks. Left: Fingerless...White with black streaks) Under the org. XIII cloak: A cloak which fabric is actually bands of Rage, Madness, and Purity along with nothingness weaved into clothing) Tattos on his hands, chest, back, and optional on forehead of the same symbol. Impenetrable aura made of PURE RMP(Rage/Madness/Purity) which will increase in radiance depending on his mood...Wings that appear optional

Home World: The Badlands(Born in a city...Which he eventually destroyed)
Other Residencies: Hollow Bastion(Lived)...Atlantis(Destroyed)...Agrabah(Destroyed)...Twilight Town(Lived)...Halloween Town(Lived)...Port Royal(Both)...Olympus/Underworld(Both)

Batlle Style Choice: All ranges: Long range: Offensive Mid Range:Defensive Close Quarters Combat: Defensive

Element: Rage, Madness, Purity
Weapon(s): He personally has none, but his clones do...
Alaxastar hated his original life full of hate and chaos. He lived like a shut-in and was hated by people, he never TRULY knew what it was to be loved, therefore he hated what society viewed "Love" as (Figure it out)
When the outbreak of the Heartless happened, his deep hatred grew stronger and stronger, driving him into darkness, and turning him into a heartless.
With his new-found "Dark" power, he ravaged his land and took the "Souls" of those who ever treated him like trash. Eventually, he turned into a Nobody and found that "Life" better. "Excellent", he classified his new life to be...Along with his intellect, he became known as the "Philosopher of Insanity", and travelled around the worlds sucking the precious rage, madness, and purity(When he takes your rage/madness, you're still alive, but when he takes your purity, it kills you) out of everything he had ever hated.

Eventually, he entered Sora's heart(This would have taken place in "Kingdom Hearts 1" after he was turned back from becoming a heartless...The Nobody within him, Roxas, did not know of his ultimate strength...So Alaxastar stayed wihtin Sora to train Roxas...But he wanted to join the Org. XIII...So when Namin'e put Sora to sleep, it forced Alaxastar out, leaving Roxas behind in the midst of his training. When Roxas lost his memory, and was in Diz's "Alternate" world was unable to be found by Alaxastar's voice...But along the way, Alaxastar watched Roxas and found pride in his progress, but could'nt prevent Roxas from giving that "Power" back to Sora...Crushing Alaxastar greater than ever before.

This is why Alaxastar wants to train to exact revenge on Sora(A reflection on my HATE for Sora) He found his Master Plan:
Find Sora, kill his friends, make him miserable, kill him...Take his Keyblade, modify it to be the Ultimate RMP(Rage/Madness/Purity) Keyblade to extract the Madness within Kindom Hearts, form an alternate dimension known as the Realm of Hate. But before-hand...he NEEDS to find as many souls filled with rage as possible to feed his power.

Extent: Alaxastar has a way to extract madness within people...He uses his move, RMP Final to seal your three elements...Then extracts them, which takes the form of a tiny colored orb...Either he would eat it to absorb it, or keep it in a jar for show, or light it on fire as a disposal.

Extent Part II:
Since Alaxastar doesn't have a weaopon, he has pets (Two birds and a cat) that transformed into beasts when he became a Nobody.
with the THOUSANDS of people he has defeated took form as clones of himself with weapons. He himself also has wings, but not for battle, in case of a time where he would step up himself and fight, he would turn his gloves into gauntlets(Not a big power-boost) and use CQC(Hand-to-Hand combatd, UNARMED COMPLETELY)
There are too many clones w/ weapons to explain them all...But I WILL name Alaxastar's top assassins and a few of his top fighters. They include characters from ***-kicking anime and my own "Animes"

Alaxastar's Army:
Knixix(Pronounced Nee-Six)

Weaon(s): Three Guns

Fighting Champs:
Demitrax:(Pronounced "Demi-Traks")
Weapon(s): Puppet Clones

Haoxoron:(Pronounced "How-kso-ron")
Weapon(s): Giant Magic Hammer

Sharx*Real name is Sharax*:(Pronounced "Sharr-raks")
Weapon(s): Eyes of Anger and Chaos (Kinda like Sharingan)

Soriex:(Pronounced "So-rye-ex)
Weapon(s): RMP Spear

Weapon(s): Razor chains

Lexigath(Pronounced "Lek-si-gath"):
Weapon(s): Magic Staff

Many more....