My name is Kimberly.
I prefer not to put a gender on love.
My birthday is May 10 [Taurus].
I have 2 dogs who I love to death.
I love animals in general.
I love piercings and tattoos. :]
I have done a lot of things in my life that I regret, but I am only human, these things can't be helped.
I have been through just about everything and anything, and if I haven't gone through it, I understand it very well.
I don't care about looks, religion, race, sexuality, or anything like that, if I like you, I like you, enough said.
I'm pretty insecure about a lot of things, but I also like myself for who I am.
I am a complete nerd, though most people don't expect me to be.
I am usually in AP classes, make good grades, I love anime, manga, computers, and technology in general.
I absolutely love math.
My favorite colors are black and green.
I wear jackets all the time.
xBox = Love

Rant About The Rampage.

This is part of my post I put on myOtaku [the rest of it isn't important]: Yea, sorry about my little explosion yesterday, I was mad, and I needed to say how I felt anyways. I don't hold it against anyone if they don't like the fact that I'...

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Okay, say you wander into a chatroom, where, no one else in that chatroom is straight besides you, does that give you the right to call the others unnatural and wrong? FUCK NO! I'm tired of all this shit! This dumb ass said "It's natural for a man...

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