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The Biggest Junsu Fan Ever,

Junsu Hospitalized.

According to some kpop fan sites, Kim Junsu has been emitted to a hospital in LA for a high fever. He arrived feeling slightly under the weather, and apparently it has gotten worse.

Some reports claim he has a fever of 40 C (104 F), but it's rumors so...I'm not going to start panicking until I get official news.

Get better, Junsu.

Ripping my heart out.

Dare you not to feel upset.

I Miss the Boys.

...and this remix is really addicting.

DBSK Featured in Korean Newspaper Over Financial Dispute

Sure, this is supposed to be a world for Kim Junsu only, but I think this qualifies as being important enough to post here for anyone who hasn't been keeping track of the boys lately.

If you hadn't heard, Junsu, Yoochun, and Jaejoong have taken SM Entertainment to court regarding their received profits (which was a terrible 80%/20% divide).

According to a member on LJ (who is unsure herself if it's true because she heard it from a friend who watches Korean News), the group has decided to split from SM Entertainment, NOT split as a group. Like I said, this is iffy, but if it was said in the news... There's no real way of going around it. But regardless, the group isn't splitting, so let's not go on a worry rampage. The boys know better than to do that. :)

In the newspaper, they also had a tidbit on the fans:

  • 1. They can't sleep
  • 2. They're worried about disbandment
  • 3. They believe in TVXQ and trust them, and are with them all the way

I don't know about Number 1, but the other two are true for sure. :)

If you'd like to read more, or get involved in discussion go here:

TVXQ in Korean Newspaper

Also, be sure to support the boys by purchasing their music/videos.

Absolutely Gorgeous.

Just an update on how Junsu is lookin' now-a-days. And I have to say he's absolutely 'gaw-geous'.

The boys are still goin' strong. Thank God.