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Cooking Without Looking

An entry for TellTale Games' Sort-of-Halloween Art Contest! COOKING WITHOUT LOOKING- Halloween Edition! SAM: Welcome back, folks, to anther Episode of Cooking Without L...

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Crap that's been keeping me busy

Namely, THIS:

Telltale Games runs a contest every year in October for fanart. Most people submit drawn works, but the winners are usually more creative (the only rule is that you can't submit anything illegal)- past winners have included cakes, sculpted bars of soap, a flaming effigy, poetry, and a dress-up kit.

Unfortunately, I lacked the tools to sculpt anything here in Japan and I'm not resubmitting my plush doll. So I am finishing up a pretty epic doujinshi, it will be about 10 pages in full color when it is done. I'm about 33% done with it. It's due in 8 days, but I will definitely have it done in time.

Gah, Pokemon!- Redux

Soo... turns out Pokémon is one of the few DS games out there that is region locked to prevent people from importing it. Since I had already opened it to find that out, Yodobashi Camera wouldn't take it back. So what did I do? I brought it next door to the used bookstore and sold it to them FOR A THIRD MORE THAN I PAID FOR IT. So I'll get Okami next week anyway.

Gah, Pokémon!

I was saving my Yodobashi gift card that I acquired from buying my cell phone to purchase Okami Gaiden (the Okami sequel for the DS). I really was. But... I caved. I got Pokémon Black today. Yep. And, in unrelated news, I'm surprised how often I see Japanese people sleeping on public transportation.

Japan in 9 1/2 Hours

Leaving on a jet plaaaaaane...

See you all on the other side!