Math sux..

I hate math.. especially when I have super stupid math teachers.. I think I failed my quiz today I probably got an F.. :[ I miss my old math teacher.. he was a cool korean dude.. now I have this fuc*ing stupid korean woman.. she's always like this ---->

Nuuu.. so bored..

Hmm.. i'm so bored.. someone come talk with me.. :[[ *continues to draw*


Yay my first post!! :)) I'll tell u some stuff about me....umm well I like anime and manga a lot and I like to draw them. I have a brother thats really mean to me. :[ sad.. I have a dog and I used to have a cat but it died unfortunately. <3 to play Maplestory!if play it too add me as a friend in Scania.. IGN=Jackie19 :) I suck at math and language arts haha. I hate math because its stupid ._. and i have a really retarted math teacher.. Hehe pls subscribe to me..I'll subscribe back too!:))