London Shadow Mage Chapter Collection

Series: Harry Potter and Yu-Gi-Oh (Crossover)

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Character Focus: Harry Potter, Ryou Bakura

Summary: Summary: After Battle City, Ryou Bakura has returned to England at the request of his father. Ryou was hoping for a stress free summer, but trouble seems to always track him down. It's the summer after Voldemort's return and the muggle world is still blissfully unaware of the danger that is lurking about. Harry is finding life at the Dursley's suffocating until he meets the new boy down the street. Little does Harry know, his new muggle friend isn't as magic-less as he seems. Unfortunately, another dark wizard has noticed…

What to expect: Shadow Magic, Ryou-Bakura friendship, slow updates (Sorry!)

What NOT to expect: Yaoi, dueling, Yugi and co. (This is Ryou centric.)

Status: On going

Below is a list of and link to the posted chapters of the HP YGO crossover. List will be updated as chapters are added.

Chapter 1 - Harthrow House
Chapter 2 - PS I'm Famous
Chapter 3 - Lonely
Chapter 4 - Forced Payment
Chapter 5 - Friendship
Chapter 6 - Darkness Strikes
Chapter 7 - After Effects
Chapter 8 - Letters and London
Chapter 9 - Thieves Like Gold
Chapter 10 - Ring Bearer
Chapter 11 - School Begins
Chapter 12 - Hospital
Chapter 13 - Meeting Ryou
Chapter 14 - Castle Tour
Chapter 15 - Monday Classes
Chapter 16 - More Lessons
Chapter 17 - Secrets
Chapter 18 - Lost and Finder
Chapter 19 - WinLose Quidditch
Chapter 20 -