Welcome to Kitsutensugami. This is a roleplay based off an idea I had

The Kitsutensugami are a race of cats unlike others. They have inherited otherworldly powers. They can blend in with society but their true form has wings like a griffin and they have the ability to freely control one element. These kittens lie abandoned and alone in this world, straying from the everyday society that won't accept them ,some not even understanding themselves, but that tradition is about to change when a human takes in a Kitsutensugami kitten unknowingly and their bond strengthens.


Wolfdemonchild9-Nanao&Nova-2 EP-Vice President
Yokos grrl-Ayumi- 1 EP - House pet
littlepooch-Kuro-1 EP - House pet










There can only be 9 kittens, fire, water, wind, earth,electricity, ice, spirit, light, and dark. Do not take an element another kitten already has. One kitten per person.









Other looks:


Traits if any:

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I looked out from under the bed. 'Had I over reacted?' I wounded. The two cats that I had ran way from looked at where I had disappeared to then started mumbling to each other.

Pricking my ears I strained to hear them. "Tch can't hear a thing." I curled my tail tightly over the rock and then picked it up in my mouth and walked out slowly.

I kept my eye on them and made my way to my bed and nudged the cushion up and placed the little green rock under it. I padded the cushion back down with my paw and turned to get a better look at the two new cats.

Just then there was a cock on the door. Nova came out of the kitchen and opened the door and greeted the person. I purred happily and went over to Sasu.

She looked down at me and smiled hafly. "Sorry boy no tuna this time." aw. She some times brought me something but I guess it was fine..."Ummm.....you have a cat right? Can you please help me learn hot to take care of this one?" She pulled out a ragged cat.

Whats up with all these stray cats? Why can't they just find a suitable owner? I wasn't happy about it but at least it would give me someone to play with when Nova wasn't home.

The cat had black fur and and silver paws with a burst of blue under her chin. I sighed and turned back to the two other cats and padded over to them.

I settled down and cast and anxious glance from one of them to the other. I didn't like other cats being here but I should at least try to be friends right?

"So who are you anyway?" I meowed. The both blinked at me surprised and didn't say any thing. "Come on everyone has a name." I pressed.

The white cat with broken up spots of ginger on her back spoke first. "I'm Mitsu." She said looking at her friend with her red-ish brown eyes. "Alright. Now you." I said and looked at the other one. She hesitated, "I'm Nanao." She said quietly.

"Now who are you?" Mitsu asked narrowing her eyes not fully trusting me. "I'm Kuro." I said and looked at Mitsu. "Are you sure your OK? You seem a little worm. Your not sick are you?" I asked.

"Hem?" She looked like she didn't know what I was talking about. "Oh...No I'm fine." She said and looked a way. I cocked my head to the side but shrugged it off. 'She could be like me or just be worm.' I thought.


>_<" Sorry I tired to get it to fit there personalitys but it wouldn't really get anywhere if they didn't talk and just kept fully to there self.....

New ppls

I heard a noise coming from my kitchen. If someone stole the tuna I was saving for Nova's cat I'd have to wait until tomorrow to come over. They knock over a vase of flowers

"Ugh." I called the windowsill. It was a stray cat. I looked at the can of tuna, it already ate some. I sighed. This cat needs the tuna more than pampered Kuro. I walked outside and put the tuna down.

"Here kitty,kitty,kitty." I called when I saw he wasn't going to come to me."Come on, Kitty, you know you want some." I started clicking my fingers in aggravation. It walked over and finally began eating.

"Good, Kitty." I murmured and started petting its back. I got a closer look at it. It looked as if it had been through a lot... I'd have to take it in but I don't know how to take care of a cat, I may be a zookeeper but there were no domestic cats at the zoo.....I'll ask Nova! I smiled and when the cat was done eating I picked it up and headed to Nova's house. I knocked on the door.

"Hi Sasu come in," Nova greeted. I came in and took the ragged cat out of my jacket.

"Ummm.....you have a cat right? Can you please help me learn hot to take care of this one?" I asked hopefully.


I sighed, that cat sure ran fast. Like always, we're never accepted. I walked over to Nanao.

"I guess we can stay here until winter ends," I started, clearly displeased to have to stay with someone else beside Nanao, "your wind still doesn't help you much in freezing weather." I sighed. Another person came in so I just curled up and felt my body temperature rising.


Yokosgrrl's profile

Name: Ayumi

Age: 14

Hair colour: Black fur with four silver boots, and a star burst of blue under my chin

Eye colour: Emerald green

Personality: Shy, withdrawn, only friends can understand me

Fav. food: Seafood!(^^;)

Hair type: Short hair

Mysterious kitty....

God, is there any food here? I thought as I was slowly meandering down the back side of a block of houses.

Hmm....i'm getting so desperate... I angirily thought to myself as i saw some lights on in one house and saw an open window.

What could it hurt if i take a little look? I said giving in to my increasing hunger. I raced up to the garbage can outside and jumped onto it, then peeked into the window.

Wow. Was all i thought as I saw a bowl of tuna on the counter by the sink. Surveying the area I discovered a human, bent over in front of a 'refridgerator', and no other threats. Slowly, and silently I jumped off of the window sill, and onto the counter, then cantered over to the bowl of glorious tuna and started eating.

"Hey!" I heard something screech. Crap! I ran back over to the window, knocking over a vase of flowers on my way onto the sill.

"Ugh." The human moaned before she slammed the window on my furry butt!

I narrowed my eyes, then just let it rest as i sat outside on the garbage can lid, then with my tail high in the air I jumped off the can onto the cold snow-covered ground.

"Brr.." I chattered as I snuck along the house trying to avoid the falling snow.

"Creeaakk." I saw what made the sound before I heard it, that human grrl was opening the door and setting the bowl of tuna on the doorstep.

She just crouched down after a while, just sitting there, waiting...for me?

I walked closer to her, sticking to the shadows, with no prevail, the snow illuminated my body, even though I had small 'dark' powers.

"Here kitty,kitty,kitty." She softly called to me.

"Come on, Kitty, you know you want some." She said as she started clicking her fingers.

And all without losing my dignity to a human I stared up at her and occasionally narrowed my eyes at her as my hungry stomach took over and before I knew what I was doing, I was eating out of her bowl!

"Good, Kitty." She said as she started slowly stroking the fur on top of my back.


Two new cats and Kuro this should be fun

I walked out of my house promising Kuro I would be back soon. I skipped down the street happily humming to myself. I suddenly stopped and saw two kittens walking into an alley way. "It's awfully cold out here. I wonder why those two are out in the snow," I thought running after them.

I saw them both curled up in the back of the alley way. I walked over to them my boots making a thudding sound. I walked over to the one with orange on her back that looked like crackling fire. The snow was very thin by both of them but thinner by this one.

I picked her up and she unsheathed her claws out of instinct. "You look like you've caught a fever...." I looked at her. "Well I can't leave you two here," I picked up the other one and saw a blue-ish butterfly mark on her neck. I started walking back to my house. "I'm Nova," I told them. "Kuro's gonna be so surprised to see that I brought two new kittens home," I thought happily.

When we got to my house I unlocked the door and walked in. I looked down and saw Kuro who had his eyes narrowed. "Come here Kuro," I called softly. He took a step back. "Come on it's fine. I found these two in an alley and they would have frozen if I hadn't found them," I said setting both of them down. I walked into the kitchen to make something for them to eat. Suddenly I heard a screech and Kuro ran into my room and hid under my bed. I sighed "He's still not used to them yet."

I heard a knock at the front door and went to answer it. Sasuki was standing there half smiling. "Hi Sasu come in," I said moving a side so she could come in.