My Life As A Teenage Psycho

I dropped my bag on the concrete, my one solid piece of me. Everything else I had left at home two years ago. I saw the bus slowly chugging down the dirt road and quickly slid my iPod out of my pocket and down my shirt, icy metal sinking...

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Daddy Loves You

<Story to be posted later, have to figure out how to make it PG-13, going to have to cut out the first four pages>

Does it Hurt?

<story to be posted later, I have to copy it out of my notebook first>

Rane, Rane go away

“Mommy, where are we going?” Rane asked, jamming two of her fingers on her right hand into her tiny mouth. Her mother pulled a thick down coat around her and wrapped a scarf around her neck. The wool brushed against her cheek and she ...

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