Welcome to the Koldoon Realm! This will be a site to check for updates that are related to Koldoon in any way.I hope you guys will have fun with it!

Koldoon's Return!

Koldoon has finally made it's return!There's new art,some new characters,and some new storylines!The cover's up for now and I hope to be adding pages starting later today!


School was quite busy today,and I bet the computers were all taken.But!Wednesday for sure I can get something done and up! >.<; So sorry for a lack of updates!Soon to come!

Finally,the time has come...

Tomorrow is the day...the day the new scanner shall be purchased and wisked away home.Which means things should be showing up on here as early as Wednesday(so that I may have time to put everything together tomorrow and whatnot.)Koldoon probably won't be up first,I'm planning on putting up things like my LoZ comics and other assorted goodies.But,things will be here again!

"Tuesday's coming,did you bring your coat...?"
-Rejected Cartoons by Don Hertzfelt XD

Guess What!?

I've decided to re-do the Koldoon that's up here in Phototshop!That way,it'll be much easier to read!It may be a bit sloppy,as I've not done much withPS,but it'll at least be easier to read!How's that sound?

Wow,news! Kinda...

I've decided to take on an interesting project! Redraw Koldoon! It'll take awhile,but I'm up for the challenge! And,who knows!Maybe I can someday put the newest version up!