The Spirit Of The Falling Moon

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Chapter-1- ~*Full Moon*~

It was the night of the full moon. Safaia hides under an old decrepit bridge. Dokuhebi had been chasing her for sometime now. Safaia breathed a sigh of relief. "I finally lost him." she thought. She got up and looked around. "Everything seems fine." she thought to herself.
"So there you are. Ha ha ha!!.." Dokuhebi laughed as he spoke. It was a pure evil laugh. Safaia gasped as she slowly backed away from him. She was frightened. You could see it in her eyes. She wanted to cry, but was too scared to do it. Suddenly, her whole body tensed up. Now, she couldn't even move. Her thoughts were racing. Her heart was pounding. "I'm going to die!!!" she thought. She closed her eyes and wished to be somewhere else. Seconds passed, minutes. She couldn't tell. She couldn't breathe. Then suddenly he lunged for her......

She quickly sits up. She is breathing heavily and sweat is rolling down her face. Her bed is soaked with sweat. "That's the 3rd night in a row I've had that dream. What could it mean?" she wondered. It had been 13 years since her encounter with Dokuhebi. She was only four when it happened but she could remember every little detail.
"That snake." She whispered.
"What snake?" Zaisan walked into her room. He was a tall, handsome young man around 18 or 19 years old. He has short blond hair that sparkles when the sun touches it. Safaia loved the way his bright, blue eyes were always so clam and understanding. "Did you have the dream again?" He asked. She was amazed by how he seemed to know everything.
When she finally found her voice she said "Yeah. I get so worked up when I think about it." He sits down beside her.
"Well... That's normal for someone who had such a scare." He said.
"Breakfast is ready! Come get it while it's hot!" Called Bane, Zaisan's mother. She was a beautiful woman with wavy, brown hair that came down to her waist. Her eyes were just like Zaisan's except for the fact that they were brown. The lime green evening dress that she always wore fit perfectly around her long, slim figure. A pretty pink rose from her garden was placed in her hair every day.
"Where's dad?" Zaisan asked. He was full of questions and curious about everything. but not nosy. NEVER nosy.
"He went out early today." She paused as she thought about what to say next. "You'll see him later. Now, eat up!" She said placing a plate in front of each of them.
"But where did he go?" He asked again.
Sounding more serious this time.
"I don't know. That's enough questions for now though." Her voice was gentle but firm so they started to eat and Bane went back upstairs.
"What's wrong, Zaisan?" Safaia asked.
"Nothing. They just never tell me anything! I know they're hiding something from me! but what?" Zaisan paused as he thought about it. "I'm gonna find out what they're hiding!" Zaisan exclaimed.
"What?! You can't! They're probably hiding it for a reason!" Safaia shouted. "What if it's dangerous?!" She added.
"What if what's dangerous?" Shishi Kokuou asked. A brave, strong man stands before them. His long yellowish-orange hair lays on his broad shoulders. His bangs fall into his serious, brown eyes. His muscular arms stick out of his green mesh tank top and he wares a pair of baggy, brown army pants. He has a tattoo of a lion on his right arm and a huge scar that goes all the way down the left side of his face. If it wasn't for Shishi Kokuou, Safaia wouldn't be alive right know.
"Dad!" Zaisan sounds really surprised. "Mom said you wouldn't be home until later. Zaisan continued.
"Hey, Hani." Bane said as she walked down the steps. When she reached Shishi Kokuou she hugged him and gave him a kiss on the check. She turns to Safaia and Zaisan. "You two should go get dressed. I have some work for you to do. They both turn to go upstairs. Zaisan thinks about how much he likes Safaia. He never realized it before now, but he LOVED everything about her. He loved her black hair that had a blue tint to it, the blue bandanna she wore in her hair, her blue and black elevator shoes, her awesome blue and black long sleeve shirt and mini skirt. He loved the gem necklace she wore everyday, too. But the thing he thought was most impressive was how her sapphire eyes shinned like the night sky. Safaia knocked on the door.
"Can I come in?" She asked.
"Yeah. Sure." He answered. Safaia sits down next to him on his bed. "What's up?" He asked. "Well...I was thinking...that if you want to find out what there hiding...then I'll help you?!" She suggested in an uneasy voice.
"Really?! You will?! That's great!" He shouted. "But only if you really want to." He continued sounding almost as uneasy as she felt. There was a long, awkward moment of silence as he waited for a response. Safaia looked down at her feet thinking of what to say next.
"So...when do you want to start looking?" Safaia said as she turned her head to look at him. Zaisan smiled.
"So your in?" He said anxiously.
"You bet! You didn't think I'd let you have all the fun, did you?" She said jokingly. They both look at each other and start to laugh. "So how are we gonna find out what they're hiding?" Safaia wondered out loud.
"We could follow them around all day." Zaisan suggested.
"What if we get caught? How would we explain why we're acting so suspicious? And wouldn't following them get kind of boring, anyway?" She argued.
"True...You got any good ideas?" Zaisan asked trying to think of one himself.
"Your parents aren't gonna be here tomorrow, right?" She asked.
"Right. Dad has to work and mom's going out with her friends. Why?" He said wondering what she was thinking.
"Well I was thinking that maybe we could..." she paused.
"Maybe we could what? What are you getting at?" He persisted starting to get squeamish. " look around and see if there's anything... weird." She finished.
"You mean snooping." He assumed.
“I wouldn't call it snooping, we're just looking through their stuff without their permission." She said acting like there was nothing wrong with that.
"So like snooping, right?" He insisted. Shishi Kokuou came in.
"What are you 2 doing just sitting around?" You have chores to do. Now, get to work." He ordered as he stomped down the steps.
"I hope he didn't hear anything." Safaia said in a worried voice.

After they finished there chores, they were called in for dinner.
"So what have you 2 been up to lately?" Bane asked casually as she was bringing out plates.
"Umm..." Safaia said turning to look at Zaisan. "NOTHING!" They said simultaneously. "So there's no juicy new story you guys want to share with me?" Bane asked as she sat down. "Nope!" Said Zaisan.
"Not a thing!" Added Safaia.
"Okay...well...we have to go... do some...homework." Zaisan said as he anxiously got up from his seat.
"Yeah! Right! Bye!" Safaia yelled as she raced upstairs.
"But it's a Sunday! And you haven't touched your food!" Bane called after them.
"Wow, that was weird." Safaia said as she sat down on her bed.
"Yeah. I hope we actually find something tomorrow." Zaisan sighed.

"ZAISAN WAKE UP!!!" Safaia shouted pounding rapidly on the door.
"Mmmmm...What is it?" Zaisan said sleepily. Safaia walks in and starts fiercely shaking him. "Alright! Alright! I'm up!" He said as he sat up. "What is it?" He asked cluelessly.
"It's already 9:00 am. Your parents left an hour ago. Are we gonna get started or what?" She said. "Get started on what?" He asked sheepishly. Safaia gave him a glare that seemed to say Are you serious?
"Ugh! Your hopeless!" She yelled.
"Oh! right." He said as his memories came back to him. "Yeah! Let's start in the basement. There's tons of old stuff down there." He continued. Safaia followed Zaisan as they raced downstairs.

"Okay. I look over here and you start over there." Safaia said pointing to where they were going. Zaisan starts rummaging through draws while Safaia turns her attention towards a small box with strange markings on it. "Hmm...What's that." She thought. She walks over and picks up the huge pile of papers stacked on top of the box.
"Did you find anything yet?!" Zaisan yelled from across the room! Safaia doesn't respond. "Safaia?" Zaisan said. "Safia? You there?" He said as he walked over to where she said she'd be. "Safaia why didn't you answer me?" He asked feeling slightly offended.
"Oh. Sorry. I was like in a trance or something." She apologized.
"A trance? You feeling okay?" He wondered out loud. She reached for the box with out responding. The second her skin touched it, the markings on the box lit up with bluish-purple glow. "WOAH! How'd you do that?" He managed to say before he fell under the mysterious trance.
"I don't know!?" She said.
"Open it." He whispered. Safaia opened the lid of the box and they peered in. All of a sudden, the lights went off. "Huh?! What's going on?!" Zaisan screamed. <-(like a girl) "Safaia, your necklace?" She looked down at her sapphire necklace. It was glowing just like the box. Everything was completely pitch black except for the glowing light coming from inside the box and the necklace. Safaia reached inside the box and pulled out the glowing object. The box stopped glowing as the gem bracelet that matched her necklace was removed. They stared at the bracelet for a minute then looked back at the box. "There's something else in there." Zaisan said. She reached back in and pulled out a piece of paper. She read the letter out loud. It said...

Dear Safaia,
I know you've never meet me but
I want you to know that your mother
and I love you. We never wanted to
leave you but the spirits called us
home. I know that my good friend
Shishi Kokuou and his lovely wife
will take good care of you.
Your necklace belonged to your
mother and the bracelet belonged to
me. They were supposed to be given
to you on your 16 birthday when you
officially joined the secret
organization. I hope we will meet
again soon. Be happy my sweet angel.
Love, Karasu. (aka DAD)
P.S. Find my journal.
It will be of use to you.

"Dad..." Safaia said as a tear rolled down her cheek.
"Safaia...You gonna be okay?" Zaisan asked. Before she could answer the glowing lights from her necklace and bracelet connected. Without noticing it, Safaia dropped the letter and slowly started walking over to an old book shelf in the corner of the basement. "Wait...Where are you going?" Zaisan said, Dazed and confused. As they got closer to the bookshelf, they could see the same glowing light that was coming from the bracelet and the necklace. The light was coming from behind a huge pile of old books. She began to move the stacks of books. "Safaia what are you doing?" Zaisan said without realizing the faint glow. She pulled out a book that looked way older than the others. “What is that?” Zaisan said, still confused.
"It' dad's journal..." Safaia replied in disbelief.
"It's locked? How are you supposed to open it?" Zaisan wondered out loud.
"I'm not sure..." Suddenly Safaia's eyes lit up. "Shimesu anata no himitsus.*"
*Shimesu anata no himitsus (reveal your secrets)- This phrase is used to open Karasu's journal.