Hey guys, welcome to my humble Otaku world. I don't really blog much, so it's not worth looking at. xDD But I do appreciate the fact that people drop by here to see my posts, and also appreciate my fan art. :)


Wow, it's been such a LONG LONG time, since I last stopped by here. To all my subscribers, I am REALLY REALLY sorry about my long absence. Oh my gosh, I think I took like a three year hiatus, and now I think I'm back. Well I'll drop by occasionally to check up on things, but yeah. xDD

Anyways, this isn't gonna be a long post, I just wanna say that I'm really grateful to those who are still subscribed to me, despite my inactivity. So, cheerios to all of you. :)

I'll be posting up pictures pretty soon, so do watch out for this page, in the mean time, here are some pictures of me. 8DD