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For the Challenge...

Okay so as some of you guys now, i wasnt here for theO for a long time, and im really really sowwy. So i'm postponing the cute challenge. I dont know when the new deadline is, but theres plenty of time! ♥

Really sowwy again! Any questions, just pm me. ♥

And another random post <3

I really like this song and video, so I thought maybe you will like it too : D

Kukai :3

All characters in Shugo Chara is sooooo cool. I love them <3
But my most favorites are Ikuto, Amu, Utau and Kukai. Actualy those are my favorite couples too <3

And this post today is for Kukai!!!

External Image
He is sooo energetic and fun and cute too... :3

External Image

External Image
I love his smile <3

Chibi Kukai! Awwwwww....


aww i wish i was amu-chan >_< lol

for the challenge

Ikuto made a mess!~<3

awww ikuto-kun i shoooo adorable *glomps*

this is for the challenge
<3 Yuki-chan ;]