So you've come into the world of Shugo Chara? Well, be warned, this world contains fan girls and cute stuff to the max. Anyone allergic to these items should leave immediately. Don't say we didn't warn you. Come at your own risk. On a happier note, welcome to Shugo Shugo, where the world of fangirls and Shugo Chara lovers has finally been unleashed!

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I didn't know that there was a challenge! >.<
Hehe, I love challenges.
This is my first, second, third, and fourth entry. I don't want to post these images separately because I'm afraid they will spam Janet-chan's subscribers's backroom. And because the rules said UNLIMITED ENTRIES, I will post cute images as many as possible =P

I got these images from

My first entry: I love this picture, Amu is pretty
External Image

Second entry: this is probably the cutest picture of Amu
External Image

Third entry, my favorite picture. This is Ami, Amu's cute little sister.
External Image

My fourth entry: Chibis are always cute
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Amu and My Favorite Couple!

Hey all. Thanks to Janet-chan for letting me post in her world. This is my first post on theO.

This is a picture of Amu!! She looks cute and pretty.

And this is Utau and Kukai, my favorite couple from shugo chara. I lvoe them!!
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She is sooo cute i like how the way she talk's sooo cute!! ...

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Awwww Ikuto! <3

This picture of Ikuto is so kawaii <3
Awwww... I love him so much... :3

I think I will add more cute Ikuto picks soon : D

Kitty Amu-chiiii

Amu as a kitty cat XD