So you've come into the world of Shugo Chara? Well, be warned, this world contains fan girls and cute stuff to the max. Anyone allergic to these items should leave immediately. Don't say we didn't warn you. Come at your own risk. On a happier note, welcome to Shugo Shugo, where the world of fangirls and Shugo Chara lovers has finally been unleashed!

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kobato chii
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Amu-chi kuwaii

and this is the 3rd image and last for today ill post more soon

A hug

this is my second entry to the challenge
amu-chi is so cute XD

Tadase <3

My first entry for Janet chans challenge Tadases face is just so adorable ...

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Mission [CUTE]

Waaah, its sho good to be back here! *waves*

Well, uhhh....ah....ahem. *clears throat*

ATTENTION TO ALL SHUGO LOVERS! We will be having a contest! Er!

Find the CUTEST picture from Shugo Chara eevr to be born! But it has to look WEAAAALLLLY cute! I know, its really easy, and thats probably why its gonna be hard! *smiles* I repeat, THE MOST CUTEST PICTURE YOU CAN EVER FIND TO EVER SET FOOT ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH! It has to be shooo cute that i'll have to say, AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! Wait, i always say Awww! Scrath that. Just make it real cute, neh? ^_^

♦NO BLOOD! Well....if its something cute with blood on it.
♦No thinking of a cute guy while making card
♦Say, "AWWWWWWWW!" Eevrytime you look at it.
♦Did i say make it look cute?
♦It HAS to be a picture of Shugo Chara
♦It CAN be chibi
♦Unlimited Entries!
♦Most important! HAVE FUN!! I'll know if you arent having fun.

Prizes: YAAAAAAAAY!!! The prizes is NOT Yaaaaaay. -____-
1St Place: 10 gifts, drawing of your choice, card of your choice, wallie of your choice.

2nd Place: 5 gifts, card of your choice, wallie of your choice.

3rd Place: Card, Wallie,Or 5 Gifts. Your choice, but can only choose ONE.

Contest Deadline:
I'll give you guys 2 MONTHS! So that would be...*counts on fingers*
June 4, 2011 ish the deadline!

Any questions, comments, or you just wanna talk *shot* Just comment below, or pm me if you like!

Have fun! ^_^

Amulet Devil!

i Like her even if shes not an official transformation shes so cute like this plus she reminds me of my evil side >:]