So you've come into the world of Shugo Chara? Well, be warned, this world contains fan girls and cute stuff to the max. Anyone allergic to these items should leave immediately. Don't say we didn't warn you. Come at your own risk. On a happier note, welcome to Shugo Shugo, where the world of fangirls and Shugo Chara lovers has finally been unleashed!

Oh, and if you want to join, just pm me! ^ ^
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kobato chii
aka yuki

Amulet Spade!

Guess what is my favorite of Amu's guardian charas???
It's amulet Spade! Miki

I wonder which of Amu's guardian charas you like the most?

you shall laugh at this

LOLZ! I love random pictures like this from Shugo Chara XD
I like this part of the series, it's really funny!
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Yuuki no Uta

i love this song XD

Happy Valentines Day! ^ ^

To all my Shugo Lovers Happy Valentines day! ^ ^
Oh, and someone is joining my world! But i'll tell you who later! ^ ^

Any Ideas?

Okay, calling all Shugo Lovers! I need an idea for this world! Like, what can we do? Cuz, i am STUCK! Well, if you have any ideas just pm or comment! Please, the sake of Shugo Chara is in your hands! lol, jk ^ ^