am i going crazy, or am i just crazy for you?


Words soft like Kyle's heart from the punk surprised the angel. Sweet sincerity dripped from Jaewoo's. Kyle found himself dizzy with infatuation, staring into the other's eyes in amazement. He never expected anything so raw, so emotional to come from Jaewoo, with his rough exterior guarding his composure. It may not have seemed like a big deal to anyone else, but Kyle had primarily been used for most of his life. For sex, for revenge, for emotional release.

Kyle leaned into Jaewoo's hand to nuzzle it affectionately. His heart felt like a marshmallow melting in the palm of the ghost's hand.

"I... I hope I can ease your loneliness. Even just a little..." Kyle spoke quietly as if confessing a secret. "I'm sorry for freaking out on you." He apologized. Kyle took Jaewoo's other hand, and traced the lines, the faint veins, with his much smaller fingers.

But then the peaceful effect wore off, Kyle jolting to realize he was being way too friendly with the man he had just met. So he gently let go of his hand and sat up in the bed. He withdrew into himself and felt his skin boiling with embarrassment. He toyed with his hands as he looked down at them, trying to keep a calm exterior. Mentally, his mind was racing with insecurity and mean words directed at himself.

You can't let him in. You're only going to let yourself be broken. Do not get too attached.

"I-- I'm sorry, for being so... so clingy to you." He finally spoke, stumbling over his words. "I don't mean to scare you away."

you need me, i need you

Not a single breath (or sound, really; ghosts don’t breathe) could sigh from the punk before the angel showed him his back and bound down the stairs. A moment of peace was nowhere to be found within this brothel, it seemed. For a split second, Jaewoo stopped himself from immediately chasing after the one he could now call Kyle, contemplating over whether it was appropriate. Jumping to immense and horrid conclusions, Jaewoo shrugged off any insecure or unsure thoughts with a few words to himself. ‘He doesn’t know me, I don’t know him. What could he do, kill me?’

Not knowing that yes, in fact there ARE ways to trap a ghost’s soul permanently which would be worse than dying again, Jaewoo unabashedly phased through the floor; gliding through rooms upon rooms and trailing after the sound of tears.

“You didn’t let me talk..,” softly dropping in next to the smaller boy, Jaewoo cupped the other’s chin in one hand. It was hard not to stare and admire the work of art blossoming before him, the streaks of tears like strokes of a watercolor brush on canvas. There were quite obviously deep-rooted fears and insecurities within this boy, and the ghost tried to tread as carefully as possible on this porcelain doll.

“I.. was lonely, and I found you,” Jaewoo started, trying to find his words. He was unsure himself whether what he said was true or just smooth talking, but he prevailed nevertheless. “I think maybe we.. both need each other right now. You stuck out to me.. why else would I stay a week straight?” Although the answer as to WHY couldn’t be answered at this moment, Jaewoo wasn’t lying when he said Kyle stuck out to him. Why is it that he was always drawn to the ones with deep, dark problems inside of them? Perhaps familiarity..

let's cause a lil trouble

This ghost was seriously causing some mixed sensations in Kyle's being. Fluttering heart, butterflies in his stomach-- though from shyness or anxiety he couldn't tell. Kyle's face was flushed when he realized that the stranger had called him beautiful. It'd been so long since someone called him that other than Hector. And coming from the brothel owner, it was definitely not a term of endearment that meant much to him.

"Wh-who are you?" Kyle asked, trying not to show his nervousness. He didn't even thin about what he would do or say if he actually managed to find him.

"The name is Jaewoo." He spoke coolly, finally putting a name to his face.

"I'm Kyle." The smaller boy replied. "Now... just how long have you been haunting around my room?" He wanted answers. All the small touches, soft whispers he kept hearing around his room buzzing around his ears.

"And why me of all people? There are other workers here who are so much more entertaining and beautiful than I..." Kyle felt himself delving into the abyss of self-loathing once again. The hatred for his own body; the grief of losing his grace. He looked down at his feet, tears welling up in his eyes.

"You're just going to hurt me, aren't you?" Kyle whispered with a crack in his voice. "That's all anyone ever does with me anyway."

Before Jaewoo could respond, Kyle turned his back and ran down the stairs. Throwing himself on his bed, sobbing like a baby. Why the hell was he crying like this? Why was he already so attached to Jaewoo? Was he that starved for love?

Truthfully, yes. Kyle was so desperate for love that anyone who showed him any sign of affection was bound to steal his heart. Feeling pathetic, Kyle cried into a pillow until he felt the bed sink with weight beside him.

freaky nasty >:)

Physical feeling entirely stripped of him, Jaewoo floated blankly around, scowling to himself for fucking things up and annoyed beyond reason that he couldn't even have another go with the pretty boy from before. At least not for a while..

Floating back toward his stranger's room to gather his shirt and jacket without making any racket, he nearly plunged himself back into the boy as he saw him orgasm. .. Shit, that was hot. Shit.. he almost felt that dull heartbeat again. And oh shit.. he had slipped back into his "cum-and-done" ways. It wasn't very punk to care about others, was it?

Rolling his eyes at himself and wandering weightless and invisible throughout the hall, Jaewoo tried to clear his head from sex. Hilarious how hard that is to do in a brothel, where moans reverberated down every last square inch, thankfully these whines did nothing for his psyche. After all, the only time his dick (and heart dare he say?) felt any sort of sensation was because of the beautiful stranger as of late. 'Might as well have a little fun while I'm here feeling..' Jaewoo mused silently to himself, face pulling into that devilish grin of his.

It wasn't very hard to trace the boy down- the overly loud heartbeat, the shaky breaths still trembling past pretty pink lips, the boistrous hips bounding down the hallway he had been chilling around in. Flirting was off the menu for tonight, now the next best thing was shoulder-punching humor. "Boo!" he exclaimed, barking laughter as the angel jumped out of his skin from Jaewoo's upper half regaining visibility as he floated through the door. Not finding it very funny now, the smaller boy was a small firecracker going off now.

Embarrassed, running a hand quickly through his coif, Jaewoo attempted to squeeze out some 1/2 and 1/2. Half sincere, half charming. What was this game he was pressing start on..?

"Ah.. Sorry, sorry beautiful, I lost control of myself there. I really can't control myself around you..," he trailed off, crossing his arms before he started the Touchening yet again. There was absolutely no way in heaven, hell, or whatever purgatory this was that he would admit to cumming earlier than expected.. and all over.

"Maybe I like trouble," he added, looking the boy over before snapping his eyes up intimidatingly at the flick of his tongue at the end of his statement.


Panting hard, hornier than ever, Kyle couldn't help being frustrated when the ghost dissolved into nothing beneath him.

After bringing him so close, so close to the edge.

He released a pathetic whine and pouted, looking around to see if maybe this was another denial or a trick by the playful stranger. But he was nowhere to be found, and Kyle was annoyed that he didn't even get to finish.

He slumped into the bed and pictured the man finding himself on top. Before Kyle knew it, he was absent-mindedly grinding against a pillow and whimpering. The way the ghost was so flustered was new to him as Audrey had hardly ever flinched when it came to sex. He was always so confident, so composed. And while that was appealing to the angel, Kyle found himself craving to make another man squirm in eager desire.

The wave of orgasm washed over him. Though he wished very much that it was the ghost who brought him to climax, he was satisfied enough. He lay there for a moment in a daze and his mind began to wander.

...Was the ghost even real? Or had he imagined him to cope with the dullness of man after man pounding him nearly every night. Maybe he really was going delusional. But the thought made Kyle's heart feel weighted. Restless, he finally got up from his bed, showered quickly and put on fresh pajamas. Tired but too annoyingly fascinated, he stepped out of his room. The lobby of the brothel was empty save for the other sex workers tidying up, gossiping as usual.

Kyle said nothing but glanced about the room, even peeking into other rooms (after knocking first because... yikes.), but couldn't find the stranger he was so entangled with just a moment ago.

"Kyle? Are you looking for something?" Cici raised an eyebrow at him.

"Um... yeah..." He answered shyly. He hoped they wouldn't think him crazy for what he was about to ask.

"Have you guys seen... um. A ghost in here? Kinda retro style, black and blond hair?" He asked cautiously.

"Hm... no?" Cici answered with a look to her companions. But December shrugged and Angel was invested in sweeping the floor.

"Oh... Thanks anyway." Kyle gave them a small smile before continuing his search. He walked up the stairs to the coffee shop part of the building, but no one of note was there either. Until he heard footsteps approaching, then the sound of a sickeningly familiar voice speaking with a softer voice. Hector. And someone else unrecognizable.

Kyle panicked, running around to hide himself behind a wall. Being discovered snooping around where he wasn't supposed to be without supervision could get him in serious trouble. He held his breath, listening to the conversation getting closer. His heart was thudding hard in fear.


Kyle yelped squeakily as the ghost scared the absolute hell out of him from behind. But he quickly clamped a hand over his mouth to watch Hector and his guest walk up the stairs. Finally he turned to address the punk.

"You could've gotten me in so much trouble! What is your issue?! And why the hell did you disappear on me earlier?" Kyle blurted.