First chapter of Ladies and Demons

Disclaimer: i wont be posting much about how the characters look I'm saving that for when the manga version of it is done.

Opening scene
* A girl is walking down the street she has long, thick hair in two pony tails/ she's wearing a black
shirt on top of a red shirt. Her pants are black as well and she's wearing lace up boots, black with a reddish shine to them and have white laces she walks for three panels and is rubbed by a cat*
Girl:*listening to music/notices the cat/ takes off her headphones* hey * kneels down* aren’t you just the cutest little kitty
Cat:*rubs her and purrs*
Girl: aw *continues to pet it*
Cat:*walks around her in a circle then nuzzles her*
Other girl:*yells* Suchiri!!! don’t touch that thing it's dirty
S: but it's so cute
O.g: oh well it's still filthy you don’t know where that thing has been
S:*sighs* fine *pets it one last time then walks away*
Cat: *follows her and meows with a please don’t go look in its eyes*
S: walks over to the other girl* what's got you all worked up today Lyne
L: nothing it's my bf he's been getting on my nerves* walking to a cab*
L&S:*look back*
S: oh c'mere* holds her arms out to it/kneels down* the least I can do is give you some food*grabs the cat by the scruff of its neck/carries it with her*
L: you sure the cab driver won’t mind*worried tone*
S: nah but if they give us any lip about it then we'll just pay them extra*gets in the car*
narration:* Suchiri's voice* it seemed innocent enough, taking care of a cat for a day or two, little did i know that cat would change my life forever*showing Suchiri’s going to her apartment and saying bye to Lyne*
Scene Change
S:*working on music in her apartment while the cat eats in the foreground/a girl walks in through the hallway behind her*
g: hey Suchiri
S: sup Mai
M: *sits next to her* watcha doin
S: making a new song i heard there's gonna be some important clientle at the club tonight some entrepreneur and his friends
Mai: oh cool, let me hear what you've got so far*leans forward/sees the cat*um Suchiri why is there a cat here
S: oh him, he kept following me while i was walking earlier so i brought him home for some food
M: how long is it staying?
S: *switches so you can see only the cat eating/drinking* he'll
only be here a couple of days until I can find a shelter
Cat:*chokes on the milk/ what face*
S: do you know of any nearby?
M: nope sorry man but i can ask my boss
S: alright*rubbed by the cat/looks at it*
Cat:*hears something/ sees a small demon/ begins to hiss*
M&S: *look at him*
S: what's wrong?
Cat: *begins to chase the demon/going all over the apartment messing things up*
M&S: trying to catch the cat*
Cat:*catches the demon and starts biting*
M&S: *catch up to the cat/see the mess he's made*
S:*growls* Mai I’ve changed my mind he'll be leaving the instant i finish bathing him
M: agreed
Scene Change
S:*kicks the cat out* And stay out! * slams the door*
Cat:*spits the demon out of its mouth and stomps it into the ether/begins walking* john where are you* a tall slender man with sandy blonde hair and emerald green eyes approaches*
J: Over here benino
B: walks over* the girls are ready I’ve scanned their apartment, surprisingly only a single demon was in the vicinity I caught hold of it and reduced it's power by half as long as it doesn’t get a hold of either of them then we should be able to pit them against it
J:*lifts benino* good, did you get a sense of their abilities while you were there*checking him*
B: no, i plan on doing that tomorrow but I’ve stimulated their senses so they should be able to see and hear denizens (or citizens) of the spiritual world like you can.
J: did you put any specifications on it
B: i made it so they would sense those looking for guidance extremely well.
J: *sigh* you would give them the most annoying type*sets him down*
B:* shows Suchiri working on her music again and mai getting ready to go to bed* All that matters is that we get their attention John* Mai and Suchiri are haunted by spirits throughout the night they awake the next day tired and paranoid unaware that a cat kept watch over them the entire night*
Next Morning
S:*heavy sigh* last night was trippy
M: You're telling me.
S: what are those things*shows flashes of what they saw*
M: how should i know?
S: True, I shouldn’t be asking an idiot.
M: Hey! >_<
S: I'm kidding
M: You have to make up for insulting to me
S: how
M: cook me breakfast
S: don’t I always -_-
M: mhm so get to it*claps hands twice*
S:*rolls eyes while walking in the kitchen* so how's that hot boss of yours
M:*focuses on the window still by Mai* He's fine.... well he's been getting a little close to me lately
S: * a spider crawls in* oh yeah, what kind of close are we talkin' about
M: I'm talkin' about so close he could probably bite me if he wanted to
S: ooh sounds fun *looking through the spider's eyes at Mai *
Spider: these are the girls i can feel the untapped power simply pouring from them. Now which to target first.* shows Mai* this one is less aware I'll snag her first that'll probably send the other one into a panic and she'll be easier to snag.* begins charging at mai/ mai get off the couch and goes in the kitchen.
M: thanks *begins to eat*
S: No problem
Spider: *aims her thorax and fires a web* you're mine
M:*drops something/leans to get it*
Spider:* misses her entirely*
M:*gets back up/notices Suchiri walking out the apartment* hey where you goin'
S: out for my morning jog. I'll be back in an hour
M: aw you won't be here to clean my mess
S: I’m not your maid
M: i never said you were
S: *walks out and sticks her phone in her pocket*
Scene change
*Suchiri is wearing a light blue jogging tank top and black jogging pants with white shoes her hair is pulled back in a single ponytail the sun is shining through a cloudy sky. Barely a soul can be seen until the same cat from earlier slinks into view behind her. Her music blasting has left her unaware to the danger lurking around her. She's being followed by a man that has evil intentions*

S:*jogging/listening to music*
Cat:*stalking quietly*
Man:*leaning against the wall/waiting for her*
S:*jogs past him*
Man:* starts walking behind her quietly *
S:*notices the man walking behind and speeds up a little*
Man: *speeds up*
S: *turns the corner thinking she's gotten away*
Man:*sneaks up on her and takes her phone out of her pocket*
S: what the*starts running after him/yells* someone stop him he stole my phone
Man:*bumps into a man then turns into the alleyway*
S:*sprinting while the cat sprints next to her*
Man:*slides under some debris*
S:*does a wall run then jumps to the other side then tackles him to the ground* give me back my phone
Man: NO
S:*punches him* give me back my phone
Man: NO
S:*grabs him by his hair* give me back my phone or I’ll bash your head in
Man: Never!
S:*slams his head on the floor* GIVE IT BACK!!!
Another Man:*runs in and pulls her off* ma'am calm down the man doesn’t have your phone
S:*shakes free of his grip* and how would you know that
A.M: Because i have it *pulls it out of his pocket/ showing flashbacks of him being bumped by the thief and taking the phone*
S: well thank you for intervening.......
C: Carlos, Carlos Santiago
S: Thanks for stepping in Carlos is there anyway i can repay you.
C: well not I, but this cat*points to the cat*
S: you again*looks at it*
C: this cat was running alongside you through that entire chase. When you launched yourself off the wall after him so did the cat. When he came in for his landing a small piece of glass was there waiting to greet him*showing the cat landing on the glass/changes to the cat's paw bleeding with a piece of glass stuck in it* if you could take him to a pet clinic then i would consider us even.
S:*gets on one knee and looks at the cat* I know of any clinics near here*rubbing its head in sympathy/remorse*
C: let's go *kneels down next to her and dresses the cats' wound with a hankerceif* the cat will be fine.*gets up and walks with her, making sure to keep pace *
Scene Change
*Mai is completely dressed and heading out to work. She is tying her hair back as she slides into her car*
Spider:*walks in to her car /and begins to look around* hm i may be able to inject her in this environment.
Mai:*putting her keys into the ignition*
Spider:*tries to bite her*
Mai:*pulls her hand away and begins to drive*
Spider:*bites the key/groans from the tooth pain* I can tell this is going to be a long ride.
Scene change
*Mai is at work and she is going into the office*
John: Hello Mai
Mai: Hey Mr. Conteh
John:*sniffs the air/ thinks* there’s something different about her/ turns around and sees the spider on her*
Mai:*walking without noticing the spider on her shoulder about to bite her when John runs over and slams his hand on her shoulders/awkward pause*
John: …So Mai remove that nametag from your bosom and discard that coat you and i are going out for a day on the town.
Mai: what
J: were going to spend the day out
M: um ... ok but why are we going in the first place don’t we need to work
J: I'm closing the clinic for today the animals will be fine so please get in the car.
M: um..... Ok*walks to the car*
J: *opens the door for her*
M: thank you
J: you're welcome Mai *gets in the car/starts driving*
M:*looking out the window*
J:*tapping his finger and driving*
M: why we going out in the first place
J: well I just felt like taking you out. You have to make sure you keep your employees happy*looks over at her and smiles*
M: alright I'm not complaining
J:*sees the spider/thinks* why the hell is that thing still here
Spider:*resting on her shoulder*
J:*reaches over and tries to smother the spider*
M: spots him reaching over and leans to the side a little* what are you doing
J: nothing *pulls her close and lets the top down* just enjoy the ride* choking the spider between his fingers
M:*looks at him with his hair blowing in the wind and blushes*
J: we're here
Scene Change

Mai: why are we doing this again?
John: so i can get to know you better * thinks* and kill that damn demon on your shoulder
Mai: kay
John: pulls out her chair*
Mai: sits down*thanks
John: no problem mai it's a gentleman's duty
Mai:* thinks* you're so weird
Waiter:*walks over* hello welcome to heavenly delights*in French*
What would you and the young lady like to order?
John: I’ll have a strawberry tart and what about you mai
Mai: I don’t know..... You got any French fries
John and waiter: * seriously face*
Mai: chill gosh* mumbles* so much for having a sense of humor
John: what
Mai: nothing
*switches to them eating*
Mai: eating French fries* so what all do you want to know
John: what's your favorite color?
Mai: dark purple
John: favorite type of music
Mai: anything except country
John: favorite hobby
Mai: why are you asking so many questions?
John: i just want to get to know you better* Ur so purty face*
Mai: ...... ok*eats French fry*
John:* noms on tart*
Mai: so when's your b-day
John: December 13
Mai: oh so you’re a horse man
John: wah
Mai: you’re a Sagittarius which means you’re a horse man
John: ok mai
Mai: you got a girlfriend
John: why are you asking?
Mai: just asking
John: oh well no
Mai: why not
John: because i already have my eye on someone
Mai: ok
John: * disappointed face/ sees the spider on her shoulder* you again
Mai: wah
John: um nothing I said* French sounding word*
Mai ok
John: *flicks the spider off her*
Mai: uh back up
John: *notices that he's really close to her face and blushes*
Mai:* straight face* could you back up please
John: oh I’m sorry*sits back down
Mai: you're acting weird today *thinks* More than usual
John: am i? Well i do have a tendency to act strange around beautiful women they've an odd effect on me.
Mai:*focused on her food* I’m sorry what did you say
John:*face palm* never mind
Spider:*crawls up her leg* there's no way he can stop me now. Even if he sees me he wont be able to stop me because of my placement. I'm a genius* evil laughter and continues to crawl up her leg*
John: are you cold? You could have my coat if you like
Mai: no i just had a weird sensation
John: alright*leans in his chair/ slicks his hair back*
Mai:*head tilt/thinks very nice/smile*
John: * glances at her from the corner of his eye/smirk* what's got you smiling mai
Mai: hm oh nothing * blush*
J:*closes his eyes and exhales slowly/ a gold aura comes off of his body and spreads over Mai/ he sees the spider on her leg* *thinks* oh god*face of terror*
M:*sees his face* what
J: nothing*sweat drop*
M: well today has been an odd day*gets up* you gonna take me home or do i have to call a cab
J: I'll take you back I’ve got one stop to make before i take you home*gets up/ pays*
M:*walking to the car* alright
J: *thinks* looks like i have no choice but to let this happen * opens/closes the door for mai before getting in and turning the keys*
End of Chapter 1

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