Ladies & Demons chapter 3 teaser

I'm sorry it took so long but here is the long awaited Chapter 3 sneak peek

Chapter 3
Scene: Suchiri is in her room. Everything is the same except for an open window. She gets up and walks over to close it. A soft meow breaks the silence.
Suchiri:*turns her head/sees the cat* Hey you’re that cat from before.*walks over to it* what are you doing here.
Cat:*walks to the edge of her desk and nuzzles her hand*
Suchiri: That guy must have dropped you off here.*picks up the cat*
Cat: Meow
Suchiri: aw *lifts it Lion King style/examines the paw* looks like you healed nicely*smile/baby talk*
Cat:*wiggles out of her grasp* Ok, that’s enough. You had me all the way 'til the baby talk. That's where I draw the line*hops onto her bed*
Suchiri:* That did not just happen face*
Cat: What’s the matter Suchiri? You look like you’ve seen a ghost. Well seeing ghosts right now would be expect-
Suchiri: How the hell are you talking!!
Cat: Just because you’re in shock doesn’t mean you get to be rude.
Suchiri: Sorry… Wait, why the hell am I apologizing to you! You’re just a cat. Sure you can talk, but you’re still just a cat.
Cat:*sigh* If I show you why I can talk will you stop shouting. I’m a cat I have sensitive ears.
Suchiri: Yeah.
Cat: alright* gets up and walks to the middle of her bed/ coughs up a glowing orange ball.*
Suchiri: …. So you’re like a gumball machine except-* the jewel begins to crack and light begins to peek out*
Cat:* stands over the jewel* not exactly* the jewel bursts open releasing a flurry of flames. The fire then rises around him and consumes him.*
Suchiri:* climbs onto her desk to escape the flames* Ah!
Cat:* flames begin to dissolve and unveil a red haired creature. Its crimson hair flowed down its back and over its shoulder. Grey eyes pierced through the smoke and soot filled air. A low rumbling shook the place and left Suchiri’s room in shambles.
Suchiri:* coughs*
Thing:*walks over to her/puts a hand on her shoulder* Are you alright?
Suchiri: * a shiver jolts down her spine. She breaks out in to a cold sweat from the sight of the monster before her. Long dark claws extended from its hands that reached out to hold her face. Its icy touch seamed to attach her to its pale white skin. This being towered over her with the middle of its spine touching the ceiling. It leaned down and brought her face to meet it. Her heart pounded through her chest as she stared into its eyes. There was no pupil, no iris not a single shred of humanity. Just complete grey covering what should be an eye. Sensing her fear it opened its mouth revealing long sharp teeth that yellowed. Its grip on her face became tighter. The claws though not on purpose cut into her skin. These claws crossed with each other over her head. She grabbed its hands and pulled with all her might to no avail. She cried out in misery as her blood dripped onto her clothes. The blood flowed onto the flesh of the monster. This caused a cracking in its porcelain appearance. Black markings ran rampant all over its body. The monster listened to her soft whimpering” Oh, Jesus please save me”. It replied with “Fear not transcendent. I will not hurt you.” The markings began to consume them both Suchiri’s panicked breathing grew louder and louder. All light has been snuffed out the scene her breathing continues but softer. The voice of the monster whispered “remember what you just saw, this is what you live for.”*

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