Hello to everyone out there in the universe!
You have know stepped into the world deep inside my mind...hehehe

A little about me

Name: Classified
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Element: Ice
Favorite Season: Winter
Favorite Book: The Divine Comedy
Favorite TV show: Criminal Minds
Favorite Anime(s): Anything except hentai. Very blunt, I know.
Favorite Manga(s): As of right now: Bleach, Jack Frost, Naruto, Negima, Trinity Blood
Favorite Food: I'll eat basically "edible" food
Heroes or Villains: I'm a fan of the villains
Favorite Video Game(s): Kingdom Hearts(all), Final Fantasy, Tekken(s), BlazeBlue(both), Call of Duty(all), Pokemon(all), Naruto(all)


Okay so I've been really into Bleach lately so I decided make make my own character for a fan fiction I may write!

Name: Hai-ren
Age: Looks around 25
Appearance: messy brown hair(bed head), purple eyes, and a goatee
Zanpakuto: Hollow Dream(looks like a sword hilt in sealed form)
Shikai: Deceive, Hollow Dream(Azamuku, chūkū no yume)
Shikai appearance: pure white double bladed katana(blades are side by side; blades are also white)
Bankai: (still in progress)
Effect: in bankai state, sword takes form of a white semi-solid liquid. It can take form of anything user imagines.
Zanpakuto history: only sword of its type, as it is the only zanpakuto whose spirit is a hollow. Over use of bankai can cause hollowfication of user.

Back on

Hello everyone! Haha, I'm finally back on. My Internet still isn't back to the best performance but I can be on for more time now! I'll be posting and working on my RP world for anyone thinking about joining it so so if you have any questions or want to join it. For anyone who doesn't know it's called Chronos War and its based on the series Black Cat. It's great to be back!!!


Sorry to everyone who has been trying to chat with me! My Internet is messed up right now so I can't get on a lot. Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, it was nice. Thanks again!

New pet XD

So yeah, I got a new addition to the family! We found a stray kitten that someone abandoned on our property so I took it in. She's healthy except for the usual ear mites. I've named her Mana! I'll try to get a pic of her soon for ayone wo wants to see her!

Check this out!

Hey everyone! My uncle has a blog post on the animecornerstore.com, about the reason why sports anime and manga aren't very popular in the U.S. VERY INTERESTING, so check it out!


the article name is: Guest Post- Why sports anime isn't more popular with R1 audiences