( 10/17/10 )

Man, life as an otaku is hard but with everything an otaku lives for nothing can bring you down!!!

This is my life as an otaku,
Life as otaku is hard you go through being teased for what you do for what you read and for what you watch, and if you don't thats great but i do, but this world is where i can express my feelings of how hard life can be as an otaku.


Sorry i forgot to introduce myself ("-_-)

I'm a boy i love anime and manga its practicully my life i mostly listen to jpop on my free time i usually draw, my favorite anime would be
Azumanga daioh ,higurashi,the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya, and lucky star.
i would say im a loving and caring person i can be shallow sometimes its hard for me to express myself and i lke poky, when im at school i hang out with alphie and ace of hartsu. My favorite places to bye manga is book off they have some good manga for very cheap prices usually half the price like $5 or less, my favorite anime store would be Toysnjoys since i live on hawaii it barely has any anime related places but every once a year they have an anime convention called kawaii-kon im hoping to go next year it will be my first time ever going >.<. well thats all sooo... bye ^^

VAA Otaku Refuge

I'm doing a RadioPlay Called Otaku Refuge, im looking for a partner the show is just audio but with "a" picture or Pictures, there will be one episode each week, i'm planning on doing 6 episodes! Here is the link for more info...
( Otaku refuge )

Help: Bullying project

Ok please someone help im going to start a bullying club when i go back to school, and i need bullying scenes from anime and they have to be english dubs or really good fandubs, its for the video ill be showing it to my whole school hopeing people will join so please just comment and just leave a link or the title of the scenne thank you, anyone who helps i will be very graceful.

Avenue Q

OMGawd!!! I got into this musical called Avenue Q it is so awesome if you like musicals you will love this one there is no violence their is innaprpriate language so if you dont like bad words then its not for you "YET". here is one of my favorite videos that involve ouran


I just got a software thats like photoshop im new to it but i made my first Gif im so happy you can see it by going to my profile.


Today i went to an anime convention held here on hawaii called Kawaii-Kon its really fun it was my first day so i was kinda scared.
When i first got there i made 2 freinds right away vallerie and monet.
I got a couple things
I baught a china bookmark saw a hetalia panel
I met kappei yamaguchi got his autograph He plays (L,Inuyasha,Ranma Saotome,Usopp, and ETC.)
Then i got autographs from the creator of nemu nemu she is so nice ^^
And of course i cosplayed as Japan from Hetalia.