This World is for me to post various Playlists that usually contain about 5 songs to do with the theme of the playlist. Most of the songs come from the top 100 in the music industry.

List 3- Songs I'm luvin'

These are songs I've been putting on repeat or just totally luvin!!!

1.Hot Chelle Rae-Tonight Tonight
3.Pitbull ft. T-Pain-Shake Senora
4.Nicki Minaj-Super Bass
5.Neon Trees-1983

List 2 - Greatest of Lady Gaga (So far)

Gaga's been massive in Australia at the moment because of her Aussie tour so I thought I might do a Gaga Playlist.

1.Lady Gaga-Poker Face
2.Lady Gaga-Edge of Glory
3.Lady Gaga-Born this Way
4.Lady Gaga-Telephone
5.Lady Gaga-Judas

List 1- Before (& After) Party Songs

This is a Playlist of some Party (DANCE) songs

1.David Guetta-Where dem girls at?
2.LMFAO-Champagne Showers
3.Katey Perry-Last Friday Night
4.Snoop Dogg-Sweat
5.Far east Movement-So what?

About this World

I absolutly Luv Top 100 Music!!!! I'm going to use this world to post some of the best songs out!!! I'm going to try to post different songs etc. as often as possible. I always used to find it hard to find and name good songs and artists, so I want to make it easier for everyone else.

Anyone who wants to guest post anything to do with music in general is welcome to :)