This World is for me to post various Playlists that usually contain about 5 songs to do with the theme of the playlist. Most of the songs come from the top 100 in the music industry.

List 4- Slow love Songs <3

This is a playlist of those slow love songs that make you think about that special someone ;)

1.Lil Wayne-How to Love
2.Secondhand Serenade-Fall for you
3.Chris Brown-Crawl
4.Taylor Swift-Crazier
5.Nelly-Just a Dream

List 2 - Greatest of Lady Gaga (So far)

Gaga's been massive in Australia at the moment because of her Aussie tour so I thought I might do a Gaga Playlist.

1.Lady Gaga-Poker Face
2.Lady Gaga-Edge of Glory
3.Lady Gaga-Born this Way
4.Lady Gaga-Telephone
5.Lady Gaga-Judas

List 1- Before (& After) Party Songs

This is a Playlist of some Party (DANCE) songs

1.David Guetta-Where dem girls at?
2.LMFAO-Champagne Showers
3.Katey Perry-Last Friday Night
4.Snoop Dogg-Sweat
5.Far east Movement-So what?