This World is for me to post various Playlists that usually contain about 5 songs to do with the theme of the playlist. Most of the songs come from the top 100 in the music industry.

List 6- Latest Greatest songs

Here's some of the latest songs I'm luvin'

1.DJ Khaled-I'm on one
2.Snoop Dogg-Drop it like its hot
3.Wierd Al-Perform this way(Parody of born this way
4.David Guetta-Where them girls at
5.Nicki Minaj-Super Bass

Hope you like them. Also a reminder that guest posts are welcome and comments or suggestions appreciated.

List 1- Before (& After) Party Songs

This is a Playlist of some Party (DANCE) songs

1.David Guetta-Where dem girls at?
2.LMFAO-Champagne Showers
3.Katey Perry-Last Friday Night
4.Snoop Dogg-Sweat
5.Far east Movement-So what?