*~Welcome to my World of Random Laughs~*

The purpose of this world is just to give you a little laugh/smile/chuckle/smirk or to make your brain think a bit! I hope you will enjoy it as much as I will! And of course, feedback is always appreciated! XD


Because I was feeling nostalgic, and browsing made me want to post in here again.

A true friend would!

My friend sent me this! Made my day! :) Just so you know what being a best friend of mine consists of ;D

Some people

Kinda makes me feel good about myself...being a poor student and all LOL!

Washroom rules

Hahaha...I think I would just laugh if I saw that sign in my cubicle. XD


Because I've been singing a lot in choir for the past week...I can't get the out of my head! XD