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The Death of an Online Manga Site

I am sad to inform you that the site known as onemanga will be gone within the next week...

In my experience, this site has been the best and most faithful when delivering new chapters. Through it we have seen the shounen jump manga every week, the begining to end of Fullmetal Alchemist, and the rise of many new manga and obscure works... but its time to say goodbye.

over the next week they'll be taking down manga, so get over there to pay respects while you can...

RIP onemanga, you've been great.

I might post a new drawing tomorrow...

It all depends on when I wake up and such... Oh and I got a job, but its part time and I don't have to go until friday!!! yeah days off!!!

So I drew this really cool pen drawing of Cloud of Darkness from FF 3. It was tough drawing in pen because most of the time I rely heavily on the ability to erase XD *sweat* ...

well, if I get it up, I hope you'll check it out!!!


Graduation is long gone

But I feel pressured more than ever... If its not one thing its another, I know I'm supposed to be responsible, but if I don't get a break, by fall I'm going to be so wiped out. Energyless and motivationless.

But on a lighter note, I have some open houses to go to today!! One of them for a really cute guy and the other for another guy...XP (sorry chris!!!)

so at the moment I'm babysitting, and everyone else is asleep, (its 10:55 D:) I don't have a ride... and I can't drink pop because I had 4 yesterday... DDDD:

ohh well...

I'm out,


What do you have:
[x] Mother
[] Father
[x] Step-Father
[] Step-Mother
[] Step Sister
[] Step Brother
[] Brother
[] Brother In Law
[] Sister
[] Sister In Law
[xx] Half Sister
[x] Half Brother
[] Nephew
[] Niece
[] Boyfriend/Girlfriend
[] Mobile Phone
[] Own Bathroom
[x] Own Room
[] Have/had a swimming pool
[] Have/had a hot tub
[] Guest room
[x] Living room
[x] Own computer
[x] Own TV
[] Flat TV
[x] There is some big carpet at your house
Total: 10

[] Full size/queen bed
[x] More than 8 pairs of shoes
[x] MP3 Player/ipod
[x] PS2/3
[] Nintendo DS or PSP
[x] Gameboy/Advance
[] Gamecube
[] Xbox/Xbox 360
[] Wii
[] Your own laptop
[] Basketball net/hoop
[] Air hockey table
[] Pool table
[] Ping pong table
[] football table
[] sport gear
Total so far: 14

[] Night Stand
[] Stereo in bedroom
[] surround system
[x] DVD player in bedroom/portable
Total so far: 15

[] Go shopping at least once a week
[x] Expensive cologne/perfume
[] Camera on phone
Total so far: 16

[] Go cart/car/quad
[x] Guitar/drums/bass
[x] Piano/keyboard
[] Any other instrument
[] Been on a cruise
[x] Traveled out of the country
[] Had a personal trainer
[] Expensive Jewelry
[] Met a celeb
Total so far: 19

[x] Straightener/curling iron
[] Have been to the batting cage
[] Have $100 on you right now in your pocket/wallet
[x] Credit card or ATM card or debit card or bank card
[x] Have a TV in your room
[x] Mirror in your room
[x] Window in your room
[] Been to Paris
[] Been to Rome
[] Been to Australia
[] Been to Switzerland
[] Been to Dubai
[] Been to Germany
[] Been to a place in 7 wonders
Total so far: 24

[x] Parents have a car
[] Have owned or own a jet ski/boat
[x] Had/Have camped
[x] Been to 3+ states/countries/provinces
[x] 80+ buddies on facebook/myspace
Total so far: 28

[x] Have a home cooked meal almost everyday
[] Been in a limo
[] Been in a helicopter
[x] Own a camera
[] Have been to Disneyland/World more than 2 times

Total: 30
1-25 = Ghetto! (tag 5 people)
26-40 = Average teen! (tag 10 people)
41-50 = Spoiled teen! (tag 15 people)
51+ = Upper class snob! (tag 20 people)

Average shoulda seen that coming...

i'm sorry everyone that i tagged...

Elena Hair

so i went to the hair cut place!!! and got my hair cut in a style based on elena of the turks hair!~~!

i like it, but it doesn't look quite like her hair... TT.TT

sooo... now i wanna dye it yellow... not blond... yellow :D