So, I would like to welcome you to the TUB!!
Where I tell you about my useless life and occasionally complain about things...

If you have requests for artwork, hit me up.

If you want to tell me you think I suck, go die in a hole.

tee hee

american music?

So, normally I only listen to j-rock, j-pop, anime themes, and the like, but recently I actually listened to some Lady Gaga... (NOT japanese? weird I know)

Anyways shockingly wenough I luved it!!

Bad Romance, and Paparazzi, specifically the music video of the later, are my new things I listen to over and over.

And as much as you probably don't care what I listen to I just thought I'd tell you about some good american music coming from this decade...

(the other american music I listento comes from the 90's)

so ttyl!

hey, guys!

Have you ever sat in school just watching the clock hands move?

nah, me neither, too boring.

So I'm actually sitting in class writing this... Fun huh?

well I'm working on a new KH drawing. hope you check it out

Back to you on that...

How's it going.

18, wow, that happened.

bought ciggarettes(who doesn't??)
XD (don't smoke kids...)

Astroboy was... cute.

There was the usual Hollywood-itis crap thrown in, but not all-around bad. Osamu Tezuka was not dishonored in its making, but they got a few crucial points wrong, like plot-holes wrong.

I was pretty sure the kid died in a CAR ACCIDENT!! not incinerated by a giant robot big shocker in that spoiler...(only 1/2 sarcastic.

Anyways, if you want to check it out, you probably should not be the type of person gets hung up on small changes, or thrown in romantic interests just becuase they think they should be there... (like I said, Hollywoodish...)

but I'd give it (on a stand-alone basis) 3 1/2 out of 5, explosions (something else the movie has plenty of )

This Morning: what I'm doing...

So sitting here at my computer, drinking coffee black with 4 sugars
(comment if you know what anime charas do this too)

and I recently post a new drawing.

today my friend and I are going to the Astroboy movie,
I'll tell you if it's worth seeing.

It's in honor of her B-day!

It'll probably be fun even if the movie sucks,
and I'd hate for the movie to suck and have them ruin an Osamu Tezuka work of art...

well, ttyl, luv ya's

me and tara, I'm the weird short one...

Organization coat: completed!!

So, I went to my G-ma's, and finished the coat.

It's not too fantastic, but It's good for halloween, and sturdy!

I can't wait for this week to go by, then the next week sat. the 7th, I'll be turning 18 (insert loud collective yaa's, like from a stadium, here)

Well I hope halloween comes soon for you all.
Have a nice day!!