So, I would like to welcome you to the TUB!!
Where I tell you about my useless life and occasionally complain about things...

If you have requests for artwork, hit me up.

If you want to tell me you think I suck, go die in a hole.

tee hee


To the strangers that I've never met, who read random posts on random worlds,


My awesome sewing skills will be put to the test tommorrow.

I'm going to my G-ma's house to work on a organization xiii coat.

It kind of sucks, but that's OK cause it's for Halloween,
I'll be commissioning a good one for my first con.
(yes I'm like 18 and an anime freak for at least 10 years, but I haven't been to a con. yet., laugh all you want.)

Anyways, if you've got any good tips for this coat, or a good place to commission coats, let me know,

LUV YA's!!!

Today is the day of my 1st post.

My day was normal. I luv anime. I went to school, did my work, drew in class. Got high, JK!! no but seriously.

The fun fact of the day for today is, I found out what a rusty (instrument censured) was. Somone started saying somthing about one of my friends did this, but no one who heard it believed it. So the rumor pretty much stayed in my group of peeps.I really wish it wasb't somthing beyond the PG13 level so I could just tell you. I guess you can still google it, better yet look up "rusty" on urban might find it after a while of searching.

I have been appointed to my current issues class's newspaper as the editorial and politicla cartoonist. yay me!! (that was only 1/2 sarcastic)

It's a hard job, but I must endure it. after all the paper would be pretty much lost without me...

...nah I'm joking I'm useless. haha.

well all you readers, goodnight and have a pleasent tomorrow.