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My latest challenge :D

>>> is about FF of course, you should probably check it out if you're a final fantasy fan :D


So that's pretty much the most recent development in my life XD
I'm home from college for the summer, and will most likely have lots of drawings up between now and august... hopefully...
So please keep an eye out for my work, and I'll be checking this site for everyone else's awesome pictures as often as I can, what with work and all DX

please keep cheering me on!!

-leah out-

Graduation is long gone

But I feel pressured more than ever... If its not one thing its another, I know I'm supposed to be responsible, but if I don't get a break, by fall I'm going to be so wiped out. Energyless and motivationless.

But on a lighter note, I have some open houses to go to today!! One of them for a really cute guy and the other for another guy...XP (sorry chris!!!)

so at the moment I'm babysitting, and everyone else is asleep, (its 10:55 D:) I don't have a ride... and I can't drink pop because I had 4 yesterday... DDDD:

ohh well...

I'm out,

take your Grammar (anime) and shove it?

iluvanimexxtakethat Mar 6 2010, 9:56 PM

Did you know that every time you type a word a child develops a brain tumor because of your trollish stupidity?

I'm sorry to disagree with you jube(is that a real name? Sounds japanese.) but anime is an amazing and entertaining subject. Not all anime involves overly mature teenagers. In fact that's mostly shonen thing. Hayao Miyazaki makes very family friendly videos, a few are in fact based on English literature. I don't know if you wrote this whole "article" on shonen and hentai specifics or if you actually had the mind to do real research, but at the very least be a little educated on the thing the seem to hate so passionately.

And why do you hate it so much? To go as far as whining about video game graphics from japan where anime is the mainstream form of art, and expecting it not to be used widely. Why so much hate in your being. Did your father who watched anime molest you as a child? Is that why you connect these things to sexual deviancy? How can you be such a nazi and segregate "sexual deviant" anime fans so readily? Chid pornography is actually happening somewhere in the world and you're wasting your time here?

In the western world there is a lot of smut of our own you know. Pam Anderson would probably be flashing her boobs in a new movie if she weren't getting old. How's that for overly mature? Don't you think people started that bigger boobs trend before anime? Haven't you noticed our own little problems on TV? Like the "****" word on ABC family? It's interesting to see how people will hold themselves self-righteous and ignore their own faults. But it's OK to watch "Teen Mom" or "16 and Pregnant" because invading the real life pregnate teenagers' privacy totally isn't subjugating children or anything like that!

Well, a final denouncement before I take my leave. You see this writing, correct? It's called proper English. If you live in French speaking Canada, I'm sure at least they taught you correct grammar, yes? Use it. You were paid to write this trollish crap, right? You might as well give the website it's money's worth. You were just insulted by a smarter, more mature, grammatically correct, sexual deviant, eighteen year old. I hope this enlightens you a bit, or at the very least you can comprehend the criticism and insults.

This was my comment to the troll lady who hates anime on IGM. I made that screen name just to P her off a little more. Anyways it's ignorant people like this who are just a fingertip's length away from being full blown racist. I can't stand them. GUH!!

So hope you go call her a troll and have a nice day. also check out adam's respnse to her "article". It's actually just a trollish mound of words with no correct spelling or grammar included that she GOT PAID FOR!!??!!