So, I would like to welcome you to the TUB!!
Where I tell you about my useless life and occasionally complain about things...

If you have requests for artwork, hit me up.

If you want to tell me you think I suck, go die in a hole.

tee hee

The best story ever told through music

It seriously is though.

If you haven't checked out Coheed & Cambria before, you ought to do it now!

Oh, and if you have heard them, I plan on involving them somehow in my next fanart contest!!!! YAY!!!

So look for it, or look them up on youtube...

A good list of my favorite Co&Ca songs
Blood Red Summer
Time Consumer
God Send Conspiritor
Everything Evil
Here We Are Juggernaut
[everything else they've ever made]

american music?

So, normally I only listen to j-rock, j-pop, anime themes, and the like, but recently I actually listened to some Lady Gaga... (NOT japanese? weird I know)

Anyways shockingly wenough I luved it!!

Bad Romance, and Paparazzi, specifically the music video of the later, are my new things I listen to over and over.

And as much as you probably don't care what I listen to I just thought I'd tell you about some good american music coming from this decade...

(the other american music I listento comes from the 90's)

so ttyl!