So, I would like to welcome you to the TUB!!
Where I tell you about my useless life and occasionally complain about things...

If you have requests for artwork, hit me up.

If you want to tell me you think I suck, go die in a hole.

tee hee

My latest challenge :D

>>> is about FF of course, you should probably check it out if you're a final fantasy fan :D


So that's pretty much the most recent development in my life XD
I'm home from college for the summer, and will most likely have lots of drawings up between now and august... hopefully...
So please keep an eye out for my work, and I'll be checking this site for everyone else's awesome pictures as often as I can, what with work and all DX

please keep cheering me on!!

-leah out-

The best story ever told through music

It seriously is though.

If you haven't checked out Coheed & Cambria before, you ought to do it now!

Oh, and if you have heard them, I plan on involving them somehow in my next fanart contest!!!! YAY!!!

So look for it, or look them up on youtube...

A good list of my favorite Co&Ca songs
Blood Red Summer
Time Consumer
God Send Conspiritor
Everything Evil
Here We Are Juggernaut
[everything else they've ever made]

Graduation is long gone

But I feel pressured more than ever... If its not one thing its another, I know I'm supposed to be responsible, but if I don't get a break, by fall I'm going to be so wiped out. Energyless and motivationless.

But on a lighter note, I have some open houses to go to today!! One of them for a really cute guy and the other for another guy...XP (sorry chris!!!)

so at the moment I'm babysitting, and everyone else is asleep, (its 10:55 D:) I don't have a ride... and I can't drink pop because I had 4 yesterday... DDDD:

ohh well...

I'm out,

When I grow up to be an otakuite++ I...


It will be super awesome like with a fight scene, and blood!!!! And I'm thinking about really original ideas... IDK what precisely it will be but it will be awesome!!! as soon as I'm a otakuite++!!!


So my day's going pretty normal, drawing in class ignoring lectures and homework...
I was just looking up some conventions for this year, and I'm finally going to go to one. I'm kinda leaning toward Ikasucon, because I know I'll only have money for one and it has to be in summerish time, sooo...

If you live in the Midwest and know of a really cool con, some time in summer, message me and tell me about it OK. Oh yeah and it'd be nice if it wasn't too expensive to get in, ya'know?

-L out

american music?

So, normally I only listen to j-rock, j-pop, anime themes, and the like, but recently I actually listened to some Lady Gaga... (NOT japanese? weird I know)

Anyways shockingly wenough I luved it!!

Bad Romance, and Paparazzi, specifically the music video of the later, are my new things I listen to over and over.

And as much as you probably don't care what I listen to I just thought I'd tell you about some good american music coming from this decade...

(the other american music I listento comes from the 90's)

so ttyl!