Lee Levii moves to the town of blackwell in america with her parents to try to live a normal life after the recent events of her life. Living normal is apparently not an option, though, when you're a vampire.

I'm Lee Levii and this is Blackwell -CH.1-

Chapter one I am Lee Levii and this is Blackwell. "Honey, isn't this great?" My mom asked cheerfully. I could honestly say that this was totally not great. Not even in the slightest bit. But it was my idea and i intended to stick wit...

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Listen, i know this has remained empty. But just because i'm a procrastionator doesn't mean im not busy! Chapter one soon to ne typed up!


Lee Levii
Spieces: Vampire
personality: Open minded and naive, and she worrys alot

Emma McTanner
Spieces: Deamon
Personality: Fun, creative, and free-sprited. she can serious when she wants to be.

Kelesy & Claire Merkin
Spieces: Witch

  • Kelesy: Random, and serious at the same time. A little bi-polar.
  • Claire: Calm and collected.

Aaron Layet
Spieces: Shapeshifter
Personality: Intellgent and a ruler follower but rebelious at the same time.

Alice Kanashima
Spieces: Vampire-human Hybrid
Personality: Hyper mostly all the time.

Michael Vceal
Spieces: Vampire
Personality: Silent somewhat almost all the time

Those are the main characters! Michaels name is pronouced "Va-Ce-al" Heres a link to what they look like: LINK: http://quizilla.teennick.com/stories/17862486/legally-challenged-character-pictures .....

Weird, ain't it?