A Promise Was Made

Few months since Castle Oblivion Team were obliterated…

… Tap… Tap… Tap…

Goes the sound of the black-clad feet walking down through the spotless, marbled hall. A figure walks soundless with each step, wandering within the castle’s walls. No life quivers as he walks, no sound stirs as he pass. Not even the dead move to the pace of this unknown stranger.

His face was concealed underneath a hood, as well as his body underneath a dark coat. He step with black boots, he jiggles with metal chimes, and he swish and sway with the long coat. Noiseless step walks through the white hall, with pillars of weird patterns and walls of strange shape. Pedestals with a clear crystal ball on top he passes doors of golden shade of obvious shape he goes by.

Every hall each with doors on each side, all look alike. The stranger passes not even glancing at each one. He, though, stop instantly and turned facing at one door; although, it looks like a wall with a heart-like emblem on it. The figure places his hidden hands onto it, and a luminous light burst into life.

A glowing crown appears on the emblem and a sound of an unlocking click was sounded. The door gently opened and a soft breeze flew out of the room. The room was patterned similar to the emblem door, and there soundly asleep a boy with blond spiked hair rest on a decorated chair in center of the room.

The stranger, who didn’t waver or hesitate, walks towards the slumbering kid. He stared upon the child watching and waiting if he ever wakes up.

“Ven…if you are truly in a deep slumber, then there is no hope for waking you,” the deep voice said through the hood. “Until and if she returns, she’ll find the boy who residence your heart. Until then sleeping is the only possible choice.” The figure paces inches towards the door and stopped.

“But the odds of her returning are very low,” he said turning a glance at the boy. “For she is trapped in a world of no return, a world of darkness. She couldn’t escape if she even tried.”

The figure slowly walks towards the door. “But my promise to you and her would always be the same,” he said uncovering his hood, revealing long silvered hair, dark skinned flesh, and shining amber eyes. A single long silver hair escapes and floated towards the boy, landing on his hands. “I’ll find her and help her escape, and together we would help awaken you from the dead. Together we could go back like we always do. Fighting each other with our Keyblades, testing each other’s strength or showing off, and maybe watch some meteor showers on the peak,” he said it with a smile.

He put on his hood and walks out of the room. As doors slowly closing in, the boy seemly mouthed a reply:



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