It's Comback Season

Time for another "quarter quell" of sorts.

It's been a while since I've posted here, but I've got a good report.

By faith and hard work I've been having sort of a comeback with everything that's going on in school.

I got a 2.9, almost a 3.0 second quarter and third quarter's starting off an a decent foot.
I had 2 A's but they teetered back down to 80s, but the hardest thing to deal with has been English. English had me at like a 71, but my teacher just told me "you almost got an A on the last assignment." which means I probably got a high b.

That's great, but I'd like A's...I'm not settling for "okay" this time.

Plus I finally passed my physical exam.

My friend and I are taking this place by storm, it seems.

Although I will say that I've struggled with staying focused...Sometimes I lose my train of thought or fail to concentrate like I should.

Life is continuous improvement, but here's a good place to be.

Here's too finishing the year strong!

Hope all of y'all are inspired to keep moving forward and not giving up.

Love y'all