Cast Your Votes Now [Future Projects Preview]

I'll try to make this quick but here's the situation:

This weekend and upcoming Labor Day will be the most free time I have for quite a while. I might not be going out due to some complicated issues so after I get ahead on my homework I may actually have some time to dedicate to do stuff for this site.

So I don't forget I will post my plans here, please take this as an opportunity to vote on what you would like to see if everything pans out correctly (cough which it usually doesn't cough).

Fan Comics:
Drama Scene(s)
Action/Fight Scenes
Horror/Chase Scenes
-These I'd like to post on this site's main page

Fan Stories that I've never posted before:

Kingdom Hearts
The story of Pyrus, my first OC

"Character Analysis of Samejima Mamimi"

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
"What it Takes to be a True Mafia Boss; Brotherhood Blood"

Later on I will give more detail into which ones these will be, but for right now I just wanted to post this for reference so I don't forget in the future.

For now if you want, I'd like to take votes so I can know which one to prioritize, but to be totally honest, it will be a very long time before I get a chance to do this.
It may not be until Christmas, which is only about 3 months from now, but even then I don't know because I've got an insane amount of work on my plate, plus I've been really stressed out and tired.

Maybe I'll see you some other time.