Making News; Making History; Tragedy

I've been having quite the week...

I feel it somewhat necessary to at least post about what has gone on in my life, seeing as it now suggests that I am part of and am in the making of American history.

I've spoken in some detail about my being at USAFA and lately there has been some news surrounding us.
First off there was an incident of people writing racial slurs on the message boards of some Cadet-Candidates at the Prep School, where I was last year.
I am really surprised and frustrated more because this occurred in MY SQUAD; 2 DOORS DOWN FROM WHERE I LIVED!

They let me down right there...

Also on the news, our superintendent addressed this issue, stating how the Air Force sees this behavior as deplorable and unacceptable.
In fact there's a whole category of reprimands for discrimination and ill-treatment based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc. It's called Equal Opportunity, and we take it very seriously here.

This happened on Thursday and here's a the video of that event for your viewing pleasure.

I caught the last few seconds on my phone too.

And to follow it up, we were on Lockdown last night for a supposed Active Shooter that started at the Prep School.
The lockdown lasted around 3 hours, but it was all just fluff. There was no active shooter, it was just someone freaking out about a supposed nerf-gun fight (which happened a lot at the Prep School, it was really fun) or something silly that got blown out of proportion when someone called the police.

I'm fine, everyone else is fine, but there is a tragedy that did occur.

I called my father to tell him about last night and that I'm okay, but then he proceeds to tell me that my uncle died last night.

I was floored, and I'm still feeling hollow about it.
It just stings to conceive that I was in an active shooter lockdown wondering if my friends are still alive and while this is occurring my uncle is passed out on his bathroom floor, unresponsive.

This is probably the second family death within the past 3 years that has caught me off guard and b/c of what circumstances this has fallen under, this is the one that has hurt the most.
I'll more than likely be able to leave for his funeral, whenever that will be, but that is something I feel that I had to relay.
My life is becoming exigent to many of the current issues in this world--amidst all of the tragedy, real and not, it is a palpable thought.

I'll see you guys around.

I'm sorry I couldn't make the reunion much, the event I had to go to lasted far too long, I hope there'll be another one soon.