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Hugs and kisses for everyone. Nya!

Not Dead

Hey, guys.


Anyway, I needed to post here for the longest time. Same goes for Dark Heaven WORLD as well. I graduated in May 2009 and now I'm looking for a job to get money.

But things don't work that way, apparently. Bah. :p

Still, if you want to see how I'm doing, go here; that's my main base of operations (meaning that I post all my artwork there).

I'm trying to sell some prints and commissions at the moment.

Now I'm off to update DH WORLD. :)


PS: ...Short, isn't it?

Yuriko-kun's Photoshop Antics (Pt 1)

Sorry if I haven't updated in a while...bored as crud and hyper. X3 And I really don't want to go back to school... I thought you guys would like to see some signatures I made using some random anime picture and editing in PS 7. Wanna see?

Here's 2 Code Geass signatures I made. You're free to use them but give me feedback (or credit me at least) so I can make more. :D

The first sig: External Image

And the second sig (recently made): External Image

I'll just put some random ones up here whenever you ask about my antics in photoshop. :3

External Image
External Image

TTYL until next time!


Sorry if I haven't been posting like I should've...been busy trying to think up a good cover art for Chapter 3 of Dark Heaven, updating my fanfictions, and such. I'm in the process of getting a job (already have the application filled out) so that I can have enough money to buy my own stuff and to move out once I graduate.

I'm in the thinking processes of doing another crossover fanmanga, a Higurashi fanmanga (or fanfic), or a Code Geass fanmanga (or fanfic). Gimme your feedback of what I should do or your opinion about it.

Pretty exciting life I have, ne? TTYL. :3

Updates Just For You :3

*~Suggestive listening: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni by Eiko Shimamiya~*

Heey, everyone, I'm back from my trip! >:3 I had lots of fun: went swimming, shopping, and the like. While I was staying at my sister's house, I took some time and did several sketches. I'll post them later when I get around to scanning them. I've also finished the last page of Chapter 2 of Dark Heaven. I'm doing the cover art for Chapter 3 in colored pencils (since my laptop messes up when I'm in photoshop >

Updates from Yu-kun!

Currently, updates are going a bit slow...but I'll have pages 14, 15 and 16 up later. Other than that, the updates, character profiles, and terms pages have been uploaded at the freewebs site.

Expect more fanarts and stuffs laterz. :3

Also, I will be leaving for a 16-hour trip for Ohio on June 20th. Expect blog updates along with page updates but NO page updates, unfortunately [at the freewebs account (http://www.freewebs.com/yuriko91)]. *sniffle*

Other than that, TTYL. X3