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Anime That's Unknown to Us

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Okay, after random researching on Wikipedia and on Google search, I found two animes that some people haven't even seen nor heard about.

These are two anime I've seen and I like them. Leave me comments if you've seen them before. TTYL.

~Yuriko91 (Nya!)

(EDIT: Had to take down the images. >< Both of them were the same.)

Testing This Week pt 2

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God, the first day was...blegh. I was on the verge of falling asleep, but thanks to coffee and cereal, I was okay. But I crashed in 4th block. My fault for not getting to bed earlier. Also, my pup got loose...again. Man, she's getting so big too... tears me to bits when I see her.

Anyway (), the Evangelion fic is coming along nicely (even though I'm on Chapter 2..) and coming up with EVA/Gundam look-alikes is H-A-R-D. So, thank you, Wikipedia!

I started watching the Saiyuki Reload OVAs (only parts 1 & 2) and they're pretty good.

Man, now I'm rambling. TTYL.

~Yuriko91 (Nya!)

Testing This Week

*~Currently listening to: The Place I'll Return To Someday from Final Fantasy IX~*

I'm testing all next week so I probably won't update as fast as I normally do...well, I hardly update at all, so forgive me! Well, that's all I had to tell you--wait. I'm in the process of writing two fanfics: a Xenosaga and Evangelion fic, so come and read it at fanfiction.net, please! Look for AlsoSprachMina. TTYL

~Yuriko91 (Nya!)