Greetings people of theO. Welcome to Tales of Light and Darkness, my world of fan fiction written by me, Darkarax, your resident lord of shadows. Don't worry, these tales will have happy endings, but there may be a certain element of horror involved in a few of them. The tales you will see here will be about my favorite anime and manga. I won't be writing these stories all at once though. I'll be writing these stories one at a time, doing one or two chapters at a time. Probably not every day, but maybe whenever I get a few hours of free time to kick around. It'll also depend on how quickly my inspiration comes to me. So check back as often as possible for updates. I hope you enjoy reading.

Revenge of Noir Mask

Summery: Part 2 of the Noir Mask Trilogy. For ten years Noir Mask has served Team Rocket loyally as an elite agent. But when a tragedy gives her the chance for revenge against those who wronger, Noir Mask will cut all ties and g...

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Rise of Noir Mask

Summery: Part 1 of the Noir Mask Trilogy. Before she was Noir Mask, she was a girl who was betrayed by her friends and family for crimes she didn't commit. To escape she joined an army of evil. To survive she dawned a mask, and...

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Trial of the Phoenix

Introduction: Here it is, my second Pokemon story. This is basically an AU to the anime. In fact it's sort of a prequel to my first Pokemon story, Fire for Ice. But you don't need to have read Fire for Ice to understand what's ...

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Fire for Ice

Summery: An AU to the anime set ten years after the events of the Johto League. Two young lovers are separated by geography and the machinations of Team Rocket. As they push through the obstacles before them to get back together...

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