GX: Dark Queen of Miator

Chapter 7: Eye of the Dragon

Jaden was in a tight spot. Mika’s Dark Orc of the West had not only destroyed Jaden’s only defensive monster, but also left him with only 1600 life points, while Mika’s 4000 life points were untouched. To make things worse, Mika also had Breaker the Magical Warrior on her side of the field, and Breaker’s ATK was the exact amount of life points that Jaden had remaining. The friends of Jaden who were ther watching the duel could only wait helplessly as Mika delivered the final blow.

“This is it! Breaker, finish Jaden off!” Mika commanded. “Magic Orc Blade!”

The orc wizard charged at Jaden and raised his sword to deliver the finishing blow.

“I activate my facedown, Negate Attack!” Jaden announced. Breaker’s attack was repelled by a vortex that appeared in front of Jaden.

“What, you had Negate Attack?” Mika asked with a mixed tone of shock and irritation.

“I couldn’t activate it when your Dark Orc attacked Clayman, but I could still use it to stop a direct attack on Breaker.” Jaden explained. “I guess you picked the wrong facedown card to destroy with Breaker’s effect, huh?”

“Fine, I end my turn!” Mika announced. “But next turn you’re finished!”

“That was a close one.” Striker said to the others on the sidelines. “Still, Jaden doesn’t stand much chance with that Dark Orc on the field.”

“Jaden will find a way.” Jessie said reassuringly. “You’ll see.”

It seemed to Jaden however that ther really wasn’t much that he could do. He only had one card in his hand and a single Trap card, and it wasn’t a card that could block Mika’s next attack. His only hope was the top card on his deck. As Jaden reached for that card though, he noticed that it was suddenly glowing with a faint white light. Jaden decided that the only thing to do was draw the card. The moment he touched it though, Jaden found that he was transported somewhere else.

Jaden found himself inside what looked like some sort of large open temple made of white stone. At the center of this temple were three vacant pedestals surrounded by a pool of water. Jaden also noticed that Yubel was standing next to him, but not as a spirit. The humanoid demon appeared to be completely solid, which made Jaden suspect that they were in one of the Duel Monster spirit realms.

“Where are we?” Jaden asked his Duel Monster partner.

“I have a better question.” Yubel replied as she pointed to an entryway that lead to a patio. “What the heck is that thing?”

Jaden turned his attention to what Yubel was looking at. Floating in the sky outside of the temple was a gigantic yellow reptilian eye. Several small golden lights were being sucked into the giant eye from all around.

“That is the eye of The Great Leviathan.” A voice suddenly said, answering Yubel’s question.

Jaden and Yubel turned to see that the voice came from a male warrior wearing light-green armor and a dark-blue cape. What was very surprising to Jaden was that the warrior’s face looked almost exactly like the face of Yugi Muto, one of the legendary duelists. The major difference though was that the warrior’s right eye was scared shut.

“Who are you?” Jaden asked the warrior.

“I am one of the three knights who fought against The Great Leviathan.” The warrior answered. “For quite sometime now we thought that The Great Leviathan was finally destroyed, but it seems that someone is trying to resurrect it once again. Those lights you see are Duel Monsters that are being consumed by the Leviathan to regain strength. If nothing is done soon, it will consume all everything of this world, and destroy the world where you come from.”

“Why am I here?” Jaden asked the warrior.

“Because right now you fight one of those who are trying to resurrect the Leviathan.” The warrior answered.

“You mean Mika?” Jaden asked. The warrior nodded.

“You were also brought here because you are the one known as the Supreme King, one of the few who can stand against this evil.” The warrior added. “I ask now to fight at your side, so that together we can destroy The Great Leviathan once and for all.”

Jaden turned to Yubel to seen what she thought.

“What have we got to lose?” Yubel answered. Jaden turned back to the warrior.

“I’d be glad to have your help.” Jaden said as he held out his hand to the warrior.

“I am known as Timaeus.” The warrior said as he shook Jaden’s hand.

In another flash of white light, Jaden found himself back in the duel with Mika. He had also found that he had already drawn his next card. The card in question depicted a large green dragon. Jaden recognized it as one of the dragons he saw in the dream he had a few nights ago. The card itself was a strange one; the frame color was that of a light blue, indicating that it was not a Spell or Trap card, or any known kind of Monster card. Still, Jaden found that he somehow knew how to use it.

“What’s going on? Jaden looked like he was acting a little strange just a second ago.” Hikari asked.

“Something must’ve happened.” Jessie answered. “I’m not sure what though.”

“First I activate Foolish Burial and send Yubel from my deck to the Graveyard!” Jaden announced. “Next I activate my final facedown card, Limit Reverse! This lets me summon a monster with 1000 or less ATK from my Graveyard, so the card I choose to summon is Yubel!”

Jaden’s eyes flashed and changed color, with his right eye glowing orange and his left eye glowing teal. A long shadow stretched out from Jaden’s feet onto the battlefield. From the end of the shadow rose a humanoid demon with eyes glowing in the same colors as Jaden’s. A third more demonic looking red eye was on the creature’s forehead. The skin on its face, parts of its torso, and the bicep of its right upper arm were bright purple, and its lips were light blue. The rest of its torso, waist, and legs were black, along with most of the skin on its upper arms. The bicep of the creature’s left arm, along with its lower arms and legs were brown and scaly. On the back of the creature was a pair of large demonic wings, and it had a head of long shaggy hair. The hair on the right side was grey, while the hair on the left side was dark blue.

“That… was kind of a weird summoning.” Striker observed. The others who were watching the duel didn’t really hear what Striker had just said though. Nor were they shocked by the way Yubel had appeared on the field, for they were all too familiar with Yubel and her relationship to Jaden.

“How dumb do you think I am?” Mika laughed. “Yubel may have zero ATK, but I know if I try attacking it, I’ll take the damage instead! What an amateur move!”

“Don’t underestimate Jaden you foolish girl.” Yubel said with crossed arms and a confident smile, surprising Mika. “And don’t underestimate me either.”

“D-did that monster just talk?” Striker asked sounding shocked. Again he was ignored, for the others were not at all surprised to hear Yubel speak.

“Next I play The Eye of Timaeus!” Jaden announced. A huge twister blew onto the field and quickly vanished to reveal a gigantic winged dragon with green scales. A scar ran vertical through the dragon’s right eye. “Now I combine Timaeus with Yubel!”

Timaeus and Yubel began to merge, causing a small explosion. The smoke cleared, revealing a dragon that was slightly larger than Timaeus, and far more intimidating. The new dragon’s eyes glowed the same orange and teal colors as Jaden’s and Yubel’s. The scales of the dragon’s snout and the inside of its wings were purple, while it’s underbelly and lower legs were brown. The rest of the dragon’s body was black. On the dragon’s head were a pair of large curved horns and a main of shaggy grey and dark blue hair. The new dragon roared, causing both Breaker the Magical Warrior and even the Dark Orc to flinch in terror.

“Say hello to Phantom Pain Dragon!” Jaden announced.

“So what?” Mika huffed. “That dragon may be big, but it still has zero ATK.”

“True, but when Phantom Pain Dragon battles another monster, that monster gets destroyed instead and my opponent takes the damage.” Jaden explained. “Plus Phantom Pain Dragon can attack all of my opponent’s monsters at once.”

“Wait, what?” Mika exclaimed.

“Fry her monsters Phantom Pain Dragon!” Jaden commanded. “Backlash Inferno!”

Phantom Pain Dragon reared back its head and shot a firestorm of purple flames that covered the entire side of Mika’s field. When the flames had cleared, there was nothing left of Mika’s two monsters. Not only that, Mika’s life points had dropped from 4000 to zero. The number on Mika’s point counter had dropped from twenty-five to twenty, while Jaden’s points went from twenty to twenty-five. Phantom Pain Dragon vanished, and Mika suddenly dropped to her knees and started coughing. A moment later, Yubel reappeared next to Jaden in spirit form.

“Hey Yubel, is Mika okay?” Jaden asked.

“Right now Mika is experiencing an illusion of pain.” Yubel answered. “I bet she even thinks she’s coughing up blood right now. It’ll wear off after a good night’s sleep though.”

“You… may have… won this duel.” Mika coughed as she slowly got back up. “But now… you’ve made a powerful group… of enemies. The Four Witches… will be after you now.”

With that, Mika managed to quickly stagger away, stopping every now and then to cough more. At that moment, Timaeus appeared next to Jaden in his knight form.

“Thanks for the help Timaeus.” Jaden said to the knight. “But how come you were a dragon when I used you in that duel?”

“I cannot appear in a duel in my true form unless a certain card is played.” Timaeus answered. “That is not important at the moment though. Right now I have much to tell you about what you’re facing.”

* * *

A little later at the meeting hall of Miator’s student council, Tamao and the other members of the Four Witches were waiting for Mika to show up. Tamao had already gotten word of Mika’s defeat to Jaden, and she was not pleased. The members of the Four Witches who were there could see from Tamao’s stern expression that she was indeed not happy. At last, Mika staggered into the room, coughing and holding her left side. Hiyori looked at Mika with an expression of concern as she watched her slump into her chair at the student council table.

“So nice of you to finally join us Mika.” Tamao said calmly, but with a hint of anger. “What is this news I hear about you losing a duel to Jaden Yuki?”

“I’m… sorry Lady Tamao.” Mika coughed out.

“I gave you two of the most powerful cards ever to be created, so tell me how it possible that you could’ve lost?” Tamao asked, her voice showing more anger.

“It… it wasn’t my fault.” Mika coughed. “Yuki used… some kind of weird card.”

“And just what was this weird card Mika? Some kind of mystical sword?” Tamao asked standing up from her chair. The mention of a strange card made Tamao remember the story of the card Jaden used to destroy the combined form of the Wicked Gods, and how the card was awakened by Shizuma and Nagisa’s love. That story had caused Tamao’s anger to increase.

“No, the card Jaden Yuki used was some kind of dragon card.” Mika answered. “The Eye of Timaeus.”

“The… Eye of Timaeus?” Tamao asked, her expression changing to one of utter shock. “Are you sure that’s what it’s called?”

“Positive.” Mika coughed.

“This meeting is adjourned.” Tamao declared as she started walking out of the room.

“Lady Tamao, Mika doesn’t look well.” Hiyori said as she suddenly stood up from her chair. “Perhaps she should be taken to the infirmary.”

Tamao stopped and glanced back at Mika.

“The pain that Mika is feeling is most likely an illusion created by the card that Jaden Yuki used to defeat her.” Tamao said coldly. “It should wear off after awhile. Just take her back to her room.”

“Yes my lady.” Hiyori said as she sat back down.

Tamao continued walking out of the room and headed towards the dorms. As she walked, she kept thinking about what Mika had told her. Somehow Jaden had gotten a hold of one of the cards used to defeat King Dartz and destroy The Great Leviathan all those years ago. Tamao started to remember the last time that Jaden Yuki had interfered with her life, and her relationship with Nagaisa. Though Tamao had long ago realized that she had no chance with Nagisa. Still, Tamao would not allow Jaden to meddle in her affairs again, not when she was so close to remaking the world. One way or another, Jaden Yuki had to be eliminated.